Computer’s Pros & Cons: Which?

Computer's Pros & Cons: Which?

Here are the pros and cons of computers. To many, computers are the greatest invention in human history. Others think computers are responsible for changing the world they knew into something they no longer understand. Let’s get started! The Pros and Cons of Computers In the current day and age, computers are everywhere. They are … Read more

Heart and Brain of a Computer: Which Parts?

Heart and Brain of a Computer: Which Parts? (And More)

Here are the heart and the brain of a computer. The CPU and GPU are the brain—the heart is the northbridge of the motherboard. So if you’re curious how a computer compares to human body, then this article is for you. Let’s get started! How a Computer Compares to the Human Body—Analogies A computer is … Read more

Computer’s Body, Mind, and Soul: Which Parts?

Computer's Body, Mind, and Soul: Which Parts? (Simple)

Here are the body, mind, and soul of a computer. Do you think there is such a thing as a computer mind? Here’s the scoop. Let’s get started! The Body, Mind, and Soul of a Computer A computer is very much like a human body, and different parts can be compared quite easily. Several referrals … Read more