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Programs Require Most RAM & Most CPU Power: Which & Why?

Programs Require Most RAM & Most CPU Power: Which & Why?

Web browsers and virtualization software tend to use up the most RAM on a personal computer. For CPU power, the most intense programs are ones that run extraordinarily large numbers of calculations and that can’t take advantage of multitasking. Video processing and data mining are prominent examples.

Games Requiring 32 GB RAM: Which Ones?

Games Requiring 32 GB RAM: Which Ones? (All the Info)

Currently, there aren’t a ton of games that regularly need 32GB of RAM to play. A few new games like Star Citizen reach that level of demand. In most cases, you only need 32GB of RAM to play a game with very high graphical settings and/or to manage lots of multiplayer or simulated assets at one time.

Games Requiring 16 GB RAM: Which Ones?

Games Requiring 16 GB RAM: Which Ones? (All the Info)

While most modern games will technically run on 8GB of RAM, to have a smooth experience without much video stuttering, most AAA titles from the past 5 years are better off with 16GB. If you need to host a server or want to stream at all, then 16GB of RAM is pretty much the starting point and can go up from there.

0% Fragmented: Meaning?

0% Fragmented: Meaning? (Everything to Know)

When you see “0% fragmented”, it is telling you that the file is stored contiguously.

In other words, defragmentation (or defragging) is not necessary for this file or drive.

In general, that’s a good thing, but with modern computer hardware and operating systems, managing fragmentation just isn’t as important.

Largest Computer File Ever: How Big?

Largest Computer File: How Big? (Everything to Know)

There is no definitive largest computer file ever made. The largest a file can get using NTFS (the most popular file system in the world( is 16 Exabytes, and there is no evidence that anyone has come even close to this large of a single file. The truth is that no official body seems interested in tracking big files.

Snapchat Takes Up So Much Phone Storage: Why?

Snapchat Takes Up So Much Phone Storage: Why? (All the Info)

Snapchat takes up a ton of storage because it involves creating and saving pictures and videos. These are data types that eat up a lot more storage than things like emails or texts, so even moderate Snapchat use can hog a lot of data very quickly. That said, there are things you can do to lessen storage consumption.

Charging Dead Kindle: How Long?

Charging Completely Dead Kindle: How Long? (All the Info)

For standard charging, most Kindle versions can go from a dead battery to completely full in five hours or less. With a fast charger, fast wireless charger, or any other charger that speeds up the process, a dead Kindle can be charged in as little as 2.5 hours. It depends on the version of Kindle and charger.

Quantum Computing: Uses Binary?

Quantum Computing: Uses Binary? (Everything to Know)

No, quantum computers do not use binary. What makes quantum computers so powerful is that they can process more than two fundamental signals at a single type, meaning they can understand more than just 1s and 0s. That allows them to scale exponentially, and quantum computers have overwhelming potential.

USB Bottlenecks External Drives: True?

USB Bottlenecks External Drives: True? (e.g., SSD & USB 3)

The USB port bottlenecks an external storage drive when the drive is capable of speeds that the port can’t handle. In data transfers, the slowest component dictates the speeds, so you want USB ports that can keep up. Fortunately, the most common USB port can keep up with the most common external drives.

FaceTime Poor Connection Issues: How to Fix?

FaceTime Says Poor Connection: Whose Fault? (How to Fix)

FaceTime poor connection could be due to problems on your end, the other user’s end, both ends, or neither end. If neither user is the problem, then the issue more likely resides with Apple servers and services. To find out exactly where the problem lies, it’s best to perform a speed test and a ping test on each device.

Borderless Windowed vs. Full-Screen: Gaming Performance?

Borderless Windowed vs. Full-Screen: Gaming Performance?

Overall, gaming in full-screen mode will give you better performance than in borderless windowed mode. However, full-screen mode comes with some downsides that you might not be willing to live with. In particular, accessing apps and functions outside of the active gaming window is much easier outside of full-screen mode.

M.2 NVMe SSDs: Two or More Affect Performance?

M.2 NVMe SSDs: Two or More Affect Performance?

Installing M.2 NVMe SSDs definitely impacts the performance of the computer. If you are upgrading from slower drives, then things will run considerably faster. If you’re adding drives, then eventually, too many M.2 drives can hog resources and slow down the general performance of the computer.

MacBook Clamshell Mode Constantly: Safe?

MacBook Clamshell Mode Constantly: Safe? (All the Info)

In most cases, you can leave your MacBook in clamshell mode without any problem. Apple has designed MacBooks to work with clamshell mode, so there is very little risk in leaving your Mac in this mode. Just make sure your MacBook doesn’t get too hot if you’re performing resource-intensive tasks.

FileVault: Affects Mac Performance?

FileVault: Affects Mac Performance? (Everything to Know)

With a modern Mac, FileVault typically does not impact performance at all. Modern hardware can handle encryption a lot faster than older systems, and Macs encrypt by default now. With older systems, it is possible for FileVault to use up resources to a point that general performance slows down across the Mac.

Playing While Charging Phone: Damages Battery?

Playing While Charging Phone: Damages Battery? (Do This)

Using your phone while charging should not damage the battery or any other part of the phone, even if that use involves high-end gaming. The charging system is very smart and will route power appropriately to make the phone work and protect the battery. That said, there is an increased risk of heat, and that matters.

Constant Charging Laptop: Damages Battery?

Constantly Charging Laptop: Damages Battery? (Do This)

In the vast majority of cases, constantly charging your laptop does not harm the battery. In fact, more often than not, this practice actually extends the battery’s lifespan for the laptop, and it can help boost laptop performance. The only major concern is heat buildup, so make sure your laptop has good airflow.