Turned Off iPhone Location Sharing: How to Know?

Turned off Location to Stop Sharing: How to Know? (iPhone)

If you can’t see someone’s location in the Find My app, it could be because they turned off their location services data or location sharing. In this case, their name will disappear under the “People” tab in the app. It’s also possible that the phone is currently off or without any internet access available to it.

Location Sharing: Stops When Phone Battery Dies?

Location Sharing: Stops When Phone Battery Dies? (Simple)

Location sharing definitively stops functioning if a phone has no power. Every method used to determine and transmit a phone’s location requires power in order to work. If you want to be completely certain that your phone’s location is a mystery, remove the battery.

Hacking Phone’s GPS: How to?

Hacking Phone's GPS: Can You and How to? (Android & iPhone)

Here’s whether you can hack a phone’s GPS and how to: Technically, the answer is yes, not really as long as you don’t have full access to the phone. More specifically, the GPS location for an Android phone can be spoofed to mask the device’s location. Even then, it’s hard to do without some assistance … Read more

Google Thinks You Are in Another State: Why?

Why Does Google Think You Are in Another State?

Google can get your location wrong because they use your IP address. If the ISP is in the same state we are in, we get location services for that state. But sometimes, smaller ISPs use the services of larger ISPs that are in different states. So, we get an IP address from another state, and Google thinks we are there.