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Online Coding Assessment Tracking: Which Data?

Here’s everything about getting tracked during online coding interviews or assessments: Various types of data are recorded when you take an online coding assessment. For starters, the code you submit is recorded, often including every version of edits, you might make along the way. Depending on the assessment, it may also record internet activity, computer activity, and time stamps. So if you want to learn all about which data get recorded during online coding tests, then this article is for you. Keep reading! What Are Online Coding Assessments? (3 Examples) There’s a lot to cover on this topic. Before we get into what can or can’t be recorded during an assessment, it makes more sense to talk about what the assessments are and what they try to accomplish. There are a lot of different aspects of coding assessments, interviews, and online tools. I don’t have nearly enough time to go through all of it with you in a single article. Instead, I’m going to focus on mainstream, third-party tools that are used by a lot of companies to hire coders and developers. These tools basically test coding proficiency, and they’re used as part of the hiring process for many companies that employ software and app developers. So, if you wanted to get a job writing software for Microsoft, then your coding proficiency will probably be tested along the way. Now, Microsoft might make their own tests, but that’s not really the point. The point is that hiring managers will want to verify that you know what you’re doing. Sure, interviews, resumes, and portfolios will all play into that, but a lot of companies lean on coding tests as part of the process. These tests are usually administered online. So, when you’re going through the hiring process, the company will give you time to take your test and probably some login credentials. You take the test as prescribed, and the company