Game of Thrones Going Downhill: When? (Everything To Know)

Game of Thrones Going Downhill: When?

There are many arguable points about when Game of Thrones started going downhill. The most common claims are that it started going downhill after the third season, after the fifth season, and in the final season. Yet, plenty of people would contest that it never went downhill and ended very strongly.

Sasuke Didn't Use Susanoo Replacing Arm: Why? (All the Info)

Sasuke Didn’t Use Susanoo Replacing Arm: Why?

Sasuke doesn’t use Susanoo to replace his arm for the same reason he doesn’t use any other means to replace his arm. He believes that his missing limb is part of his atonement for the pain and suffering he caused. It’s also probably used by the author as a reminder of all of the things that happened before.

Sheldon Says Vulcan in Spock Resonance: Meaning? (2 Phrases)

Sheldon Says Vulcan in Spock Resonance: Meaning?

Sheldon says two Vulcan phrases to Penny in this episode. The first is Kup-fun-tor ha’kiv na’ish du stau, and the second is ponfo mirann. They mean “Can you return life to what you kill?” and “Go to hell” respectively. They are both part of the same conversation where Sheldon commits to propose to Amy.

Anime Figures: Why So Expensive? (Everything to Know)

Anime Figures: Why So Expensive?

Anime figures can get pricey because they usually have limited production runs, very high spikes in demand, and considerable production costs—especially for high-quality figures. In terms of monetary value, they usually are not worth the price as most figures will depreciate over time.

Rock Lee's Parents and Family: What Is Known? (All the Info)

Rock Lee’s Parents and Family: What Is Known?

There is no canon answer as to who Rock Lee’s parents are. Neither his mother nor father is ever named or drawn, and they are completely unmentioned in every canon iteration of Naruto and Boruto. All we know about Rock Lee’s family is that he comes from the Lee clan, and in Boruto, he has a son named Metal.

Attack on Titan: Subbed or Dubbed? (Everything to Know)

Attack on Titan: Subbed or Dubbed?

Really, you should watch Attack on Titan or any other show in the way that you enjoy it best. If you prefer subs, that’s great. If you prefer dubs, then watch it that way. If you don’t have a preference or all other things are equal, the subtitled content usually has a slightly higher production value.

Griffith & Guts: Why Haven't Killed Each Other Yet?

Griffith & Guts: Why Haven’t Killed Each Other Yet?

Ultimately, Guts and Griffith haven’t killed each other in either anime adaptation because such a confrontation has not yet happened in the manga, which is the original source material. The manga has run irregularly for decades, and events in 2021 caused it to stop production for a full year.

Naruto Shippuden Animation Change: Why? (All the Info)

Naruto Shippuden Animation Change: Why?

The animation changed from Naruto to the sequel, Naruto Shippuden, largely because the budget increased and the studio was determined to raise quality. Even so, you can see quality discrepancies comparing episodes only in Shippuden, and that is largely due to varying budgets and production times per episode.

One Piece Graphics: When Getting Better? (All the Info)

One Piece Graphics: When Getting Better?

One Piece has been on the air for more than 20 years. The graphics steadily improved over the course of that time. That said, there are two very noticeable changes in the animation style. The first happened in 2007 when the studio started wide-format and HD production.
The second was after the well-known time skip.

Rowan Atkinson Has a PhD: True? (Everything to Know)

Rowan Atkinson Has PhD: True?

Rowan Atkinson does not have a PhD. He does hold a bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering, and he was even admitted into a PhD program. He dropped out of his PhD studies in the first year to pursue acting full-time. He is also an Honorary Fellow at Oxford.

Elon Musk Stutts: True? (Everything to Know)

Elon Musk Stutters: True?

Elon Musk does often stutter when making public appearances and giving public speeches.
He does not have a strong or overwhelming stutter, and he is often able to communicate just fine through the stutter. But, if you listen carefully, you will notice the abnormal speech patterns and timings that represent his stutter.

Star Wars Rebels’ Animation: Worse Than Clone Wars'? (Why?)

Star Wars Rebels’ Animation: Worse Than Clone Wars’?

The differences in animation quality stem from the stark differences in how the shows were produced. Clone Wars was a passion project helmed by George Lucas with one of the largest animation budgets in history. Rebels was a smaller production that catered to a slightly younger audience with no input from Lucas.

Bad at Video Games: Okay and Normal? (All the Info)

Bad at Video Games: Okay & Normal?

It is incredibly normal to be bad at video games. No matter what metrics you use to determine who is bad and good at a game, there are too many games out there for anyone to be good at all of them. It’s also ok. You don’t have to be great at a video game to have a good time playing it, and having fun is the point.

Physicists: Average IQ? (Everything to Know)

Physicists: Average IQ?

The average IQ of a physicist is unknown. IQ tests are not required to become a physicist, so there isn’t a lot of data to use to try to come up with a good average. That said, some research has looked and found an average of a little over 125, which is a high IQ, but it’s not an insurmountable super-genius IQ.

Prime Video Adds Movie After Box Office Release: How Long?

Prime Video Adds Movie After Box Office Release: How Long?

This will vary wildly depending on many different factors. In general, a movie will come to Prime Video after it loses popularity at the box office, and that typically takes anywhere from 1 to 12 months. That said, competition can snag exclusive rights that keep a movie from coming to Prime Video indefinitely.

Pay Titles Free on Amazon Prime Video: How Long? (~1 Month)

Amazon Prime Video’s Pay Titles Free: How Long?

This depends on many factors that include the popularity of the content, the studio that produced it, and the many legally binding agreements that dictate publication rights. For most content, you can expect it on a streaming service within a year of its original release, but that doesn’t guarantee it will be on Prime.