MacBook Clamshell Mode Constantly: Safe?

MacBook Clamshell Mode Constantly: Safe? (All the Info)

In most cases, you can leave your MacBook in clamshell mode without any problem. Apple has designed MacBooks to work with clamshell mode, so there is very little risk in leaving your Mac in this mode. Just make sure your MacBook doesn’t get too hot if you’re performing resource-intensive tasks.

Dropping Phone: Affects Phone’s Performance? 

Dropping Phone: Affects Phone's Performance? (All the Info)

In the majority of cases where a phone is dropped, the device is just fine, but it is possible for a drop to damage a phone and affect its performance. These performance differences can range from bricking the phone to cracking the screen to other problems. Ultimately, a lot can go wrong, even if it’s usually fine.

Storing Laptop Vertically: Bad?

Storing Laptop Vertically: Bad? (+ Don't Do This)

It is perfectly fine to store a laptop vertically. If you want to be exceptionally proactive, store the laptop so that the vent doesn’t face the ceiling to prevent as much dust from collecting. Additionally, ensure that the laptop is stored securely so that it cannot fall over and take damage from a physical shock.

Laptop Brands With Most Durable Hinges: Which?

Laptop Brands With Most Durable Hinges: Which? (6 Brands)

Hinge durability really depends on the model more than the brand. Most major computer manufacturers make a wide variety of computers intended for specific use cases. If you want tough hinges, then the best bet is to invest in a computer classified as a “rugged laptop,” which most major manufacturers produce.

Leaving Phone Flashlight On: Bad?

Leaving Phone Flashlight On: Bad? (It's Safe)

In general, leaving the flashlight on, even for hours at a time, will not harm the flashlight itself or the phone. The flashlight can slowly contribute to battery drain, so if you have to do it for a long time, plug in the phone. In the long run, the flashlight will not cause any serious harm to the phone.

Shower Steam: Damages Phone?

Shower Steam: Damages Phone? (Everything to Know)

Yes, steam can damage your phone. Even if your phone is rated as waterproof or water-resistant, it is possible for steam to get past those protective layers and still cause damage. Waterproof phones are at less risk from steam, but repeated steam exposure can shorten the life of any phone.

Dropping Your Phone: What Happens?

Dropping Your Phone: What Happens? (Internal Damage?)

The short answer is, it depends. Many drops are harmless to phones, but some can be completely devastating. The different outcomes depend on how the phone is dropped, how it is designed, and what extra layers of protection might be at play.

Microwaving Cell Phones: What Happens?

Microwaving Cell Phones: What Happens? (Just Don't Do It)

When you microwave your cell phone, metal absorbs microwave photons, which creates an electric current in the metal, producing tons of heat. Plastics melt, and hazardous chemicals vaporize, so the heat causes damage and makes for a very unsafe experience. Don’t microwave a cell phone.