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ICT Manager Meaning & Roles?

ICT Manager: Meaning & Tasks? (All the Info)

An ICT manager is not just someone who fixes office computers and installs software. In fact, they are far more than that. They are responsible for a lot, including overseeing the security of the ICT system and analyzing information needed to specify technology to meet those requirements.

12 Best Minors for Computer Science Major?

12 Best Minors for Computer Science Major (Statistics)

Here are the best minors for a computer science major: Choosing a minor in another computer-related path can be a bit redundant. If you decide that working with computers is not for you, a minor unrelated to computers opens up other career options and broadens your horizons. You can, however, deepen your expertise even more … Read more

177 Funny Programmer, Developer, and Coding Team Names List

177 Funny Programmer & Developer & Coding Team Names (List)

Here are 177 funny team names for tech people: After spending years researching and collecting IT team names, you can finally enjoy the list—have fun. Let’s get right into it! 177 Funny IT Team Names Resources Below are the resource—but be warned that those are NSFW (Not Save For Work): Hack4goodsgf[0], Quora[0], Quora[1], Reddit[0], Reddit[1], … Read more