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Spilled Liquid on Laptop Touchpad: What to Do?

Spilled Liquid on Laptop Touchpad: What to Do? (Act Fast)

If you spill a liquid on your laptop, turn it off and unplug it from power as quickly as you reasonably can. It usually takes time for water to damage a laptop, and there is a fair chance that you can turn it off before that happens. After the computer is off, leave it off until you can address the spill thoroughly.

Spilled Water On Laptop: Won’t Turn On?

Spilled Water On Laptop: Won't Turn On? (+ How to Fix It)

Here’s what to do if you spilled water on your laptop, and it won’t turn on: If you spill water on a laptop, and then it won’t turn on, you can safely assume that the laptop is damaged. The parts need to be diagnosed individually to determine what needs replacing in order to fix the … Read more

Water Under Screen Protector: How to Fix?

Water Under Screen Protector: How to Fix It?

You have mainly two options to fix water under your phone screen. First, use suction to remove the moisture under the screen protector to the edges of the screen, where it can drain off. Another option is to simply wait and see since moisture under a screen protector can dry up on its own after a week or so.