Super Shenron vs. Zeno: Winner?

Here’s who would win in a fight between Super Shenron and Zeno:

Zeno and Super Shenron would not fight in a traditional anime sense because of how their powers work, but if their powers were pitted against each other, Zeno would win easily.

Zeno is capable of destroying Super Shenron.

Meanwhile, nothing in the story is capable of harming Zeno on any level.

So if you want to learn all about who’d come out victorious in a battle between Super Shenron and Zeno, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s jump right into it!

Super Shenron vs. Zeno: Winner? (Everything to Know)

Who Is Zeno? (2 Strengths)

If you’re not up to speed on the latest iterations of the Dragon Ball franchise, you might not be familiar with Zeno.

I’m going to explain who he is and what he can do, but first, I need to give you a warning.

Comparing Zeno to Super Shenron requires me to discuss plot points that arise in the anime, manga, and movies that are part of the Dragon Ball Super franchise.

If you’re not up to date on everything, then you might see some major spoilers in here.

Proceed with caution.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about who Zeno is.

He is known as the Omni King.

He rules over the entire Dragon Ball multiverse.

In fact, he is the overlord of all 11 universes in the fictional reality.

He is so powerful that gods of destruction cower in fear before him.

He is stated multiple times to be the most powerful character in existence in the franchise, and it is said that none are above him.

#1 Zeno’s Powers

The full extent of Zeno’s powers are not fully known.

What we do know is that he is basically infinitely powerful, and he is capable of destruction.

I’ll get into specific feats of power in the next section, but Zeno can blink anything out of existence, instantaneously, simply by willing it to happen.

In fact, he can erase everything from existence, all at the same time.

On top of his unlimited destructive power, Zeno is also completely impervious to harm.

It is stated that absolutely no power in the multiverse can kill or even harm Zeno, and there is evidence to support that claim (in the next section).

Basically, he’s the biggest (not literally because he’s pretty small), baddest character in all of Dragon Ball Super.

#2 Zeno’s Feats of Power

The extent of Zeno’s mind-bending powers makes more sense when we talk about a few known feats.

Most notably, Zeno was the Omni King when there were 18 universes.

He became unhappy, so he eliminated seven of them in an instant.

Those universes were never restored or recovered in any way.

Later, there was the Tournament of Power.

Zeno was bored, so each universe had to supply a team of its best fighters.

They all fought in a tournament, and whenever a universe’s team was defeated in the tournament, Zeno destroyed that whole universe.

At the end of the tournament, only one universe remained.

Zeno destroyed the rest.

Eventually this was undone by the super dragon balls (more on that later), but the point is that destroying entire universes is very easy for Zeno.

Let’s escalate that statement.

There comes a time in the story where a villain, Zamasu, takes over the multiverse.

He becomes immortal and amasses so much power that he kills all of the gods (except Zeno, of course).

Goku calls Zeno to ask for help, and as a solution, Zeno doesn’t just erase Zamasu from existence.

He erases the entire timeline where Zamasu existed, including every universe attached to that timeline.

It’s all gone, instantly, and it requires no effort from Zeno.

Here’s the interesting part.

There was a future version of Zeno in that timeline.

When the main timeline Zeno erased everything, future Zeno survived.

That’s how indestructible the character is.

The destruction of all reality didn’t even phase him.

Who Is Super Shenron? (2 Strong Points)

That’s enough about Zeno for a moment.

Let’s talk about Super Shenron.

Dragon Ball fans can tell you that Shenron is the dragon that is summoned when you collect all of the dragon balls.

He can grant wishes, and his power is massive.

But, the Shenron on earth is limited.

He can only grant wishes within the limits of his own physical prowess.

It’s why he can’t defeat powerful enemies on behalf of the main characters.

The super dragon balls are a bit different.

Each is the size of a planet, and when they are gathered, they summon Super Shenron.

He was made by the god of dragons, and his power is supposedly limitless.

It is stated that Super Shenron can grant absolutely any wish with no restrictions, and when we get into feats and powers, you’ll see that the statement holds up to scrutiny.

#1 Super Shenron’s Abilities

First, Super Shenron is big.

He’s stated to be incomprehensibly big, and when he is first summoned, he spans space larger than multiple galaxies.

Despite that, he can adjust his size in order to communicate with people the size of humans, and that happens.

When he is at his full size, he eats planets, showing that he is immensely strong in a physical sense.

More importantly, Super Shenron has the power to grant wishes.

As I’ve already said, he can grant any wish, even if it defies logic.

There seems to be no physical limitation to this power, and going over specific examples will make that clear.

#2 Super Shenron’s Accomplishments

Super Shenron has granted some whopper wishes.

At one point, he is able to give Zamasu control over Goku’s body.

That’s not easily done considering how strong Goku is at that point, but Super Shenron has no trouble at all.

This suggests that Super Shenron can overcome gods in the Dragon Ball universes.

In fact, Wis suggests that Super Shenron could probably kill a god of destruction, if asked.

That’s no small feat.

What might be more impressive is when Super Shenron restores universes.

Before the Tournament of Power, there is a lesser tournament between universes six and seven.

Each universe has a god of destruction (Champa and Beerus, respectively), and they wager their entire universes on the tournament.

Universe seven ultimately wins, and Zeno erases universe six from existence.

The main characters then gather the super dragon balls, and they have Super Shenron restore universe six.

This includes restoring Champa, once again suggesting that Super Shenron’s powers are way beyond those of gods of destruction.

If that’s not enough for you, the Tournament of Power concludes with Zeno destroying all but one universe.

Super Shenron is then asked to bring them all back, and he does it with no trouble.

He instantly restores 10 separate universes and their gods (including gods of destruction).

It’s no small feat.

Who Would Win the Fight Between Zeno and Super Shenron? (3 Scenarios)

It’s always fun to speculate which anime characters would win if they fought, but this one is a little different.

When it comes to Zeno and Super Shenron, they are each unfathomably strong.

Despite that, neither character has ever been in a fight in the storyline so far.

They aren’t fighting characters.

Instead, they wield such great power that they don’t have to fight.

So, a fight between these two would be different from the traditional anime tropes.

We wouldn’t see them flying across the universe and hurling ki blasts at each other.

Instead, it’s really a question of whose power is greater and whether or not their powers can overcome each other.

So, in this weird case, Zeno wins if he can reliably destroy Super Shenron with his power.

Likewise, Super Shenron wins if he can overcome Zeno with his own power.

You’ll see that the various ways they would win are a bit different, but it’s still a fun matchup.

#1 The Case for Zeno

Zeno is the Omni King.

Based on statements from characters like Wis, Zeno can defeat anyone.

He can destroy anything (except himself), and he is impervious to all harm.

Based on those statements, it’s reasonable to think that Zeno could erase Super Shenron from existence.

As long as Zeno desired it, the contest would be over instantaneously.

What that means is that the primary win condition for Zeno is making the first move.

Even if Super Shenron could defeat Zeno, if Zeno strikes first, it’s over.

So, initiative is the key to Zeno in this matchup, and a lot depends on that.

#2 The Case for Super Shenron

As for Super Shenron, Zeno forces him to need initiative also.

Clearly, Super Shenron loses if Zeno acts first, so the real question is whether or not Super Shenron can win with a first strike.

That’s a lot more debatable.

Most fans will agree that Zeno can destroy Super Shenron.

In fact, it appears that such a thing happens when Zeno erases the future timeline.

What’s less clear is if the reverse is true.

Since Super Shenron can grant any wish, can he make someone stronger than Zeno?

Can he simply erase Zeno from existence?

If we assume that’s possible, then it will only happen if someone wishes for it, and that’s Super Shenron’s grave weakness.

As far as we can tell, he can’t simply use his powers however he likes.

But, if all of the right conditions are met, it’s conceivable that Super Shenron could grant a wish that ultimately overcomes Zeno.

Maybe he could bring in an evil Zeno from an alternate timeline or something.

We’re talking about things at incomprehensible scales, but Super Shenron only wins with the help of a wish.

#3 The Final Verdict

So, based on that, who is the victor? 

It’s easy to say that Zeno would win in the majority of cases.

After all, someone has to make a specific wish that would take Zeno down, and that doesn’t seem to be a common occurrence.

So, in most cases, if these two came into conflict, Zeno would erase Super Shenron before a wish could even be made, and that would be it.

But, I’m not going to stop there.

I’m going to suggest that Zeno absolutely always wins this contest in all cases, and I have two examples to use as evidence.

First, we have to talk about Zamasu.

For those who don’t remember, Zamasu is one of the major villains in Dragon Ball Super.

He manages to use the super dragon balls to swap bodies with Goku.

He then uses them again to become immortal.

So, Super Shenron granted him immortality, and with that, Zamasu defeated all of the gods.

Except one.

Zeno’s existence is so far above Zamasu’s that they didn’t even come into conflict.

Instead, Goku called on Zeno when he realized that the fight was unwinnable.

In a single instant, Zeno erased Zamasu from existence along with the entire messed up future timeline that he had created.

Zeno can clearly overcome the power of Super Shenron’s wish-granting power in this instance.

More important is the feat that I already mentioned in a previous section.

When Zeno erases the future timeline, his future self survives. With nowhere else to go, future Zeno comes back to the main timeline, and the two Zenos become friends.

This suggests that there is absolutely no power in the dragon ball reality that can harm Zeno.

Zeno’s power was clearly able to erase the Super Shenron that existed in the future timeline, but it couldn’t harm future Zeno.

Because of that, it’s reasonable to say that the one thing Super Shenron can’t do is harm Zeno.

Nothing can, not even a character enhanced by Super Shenron’s powers.

So, no matter how the conflict arises, Zeno always wins.