Star Wars Fans: Best Ways to Anger Them?

Here’s are the best ways to anger Star Wars fans:

The easiest way to anger a Star Wars fan is to pick a favorite movie and stand by it.

For some reason, having any preference at all is a sure way to upset the fan base.

Beyond that, you can confuse it with other franchises, point out ridiculousness, or misquote the famous line, “I am your father.”

So if you want to learn all about what makes Star Wars fans really angry, then you’re in the right place.

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Star War Fans: Best Ways to Anger Them? (10 Ways)

What Do You Need to Know About Star Wars to Understand This List?

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Here’s the thing.

You want to get under the skin of some Star Wars fans.

You’re going to have better success if you know more than zero about the franchise.

I’m not going to give you a six-hour overview of all things Star Wars.

Instead, I’m going to cover the basics so that you can appreciate my awesome list of ideas later.

Also, in order to talk about Star Wars, it’s inevitable that some spoilers come up.

The first movie was released in the 1970s after all.

So, consider this your official spoiler warning for all things Star Wars.

With that said, you don’t need to know too much about Star Wars.

You probably already have some idea that it’s a science fiction story.

Technically it takes place “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”

But, yeah, there’s space travel and laser swords and a lot of sci-fi elements.

There is also this mysterious power known as the Force, and people who can tap into it are basically space wizards.

Good guy space wizards are called Jedi, and bad boy space wizards are called Sith.

Originally, the story was told in the form of three original movies (as in they weren’t based on books or anything).

Those movies formed the original Star Wars trilogy.

Roughly 20 years later, a second trilogy was created, but the story took place before the events of the original trilogy.

This second trilogy is known as the prequel trilogy.

Even later, a third trilogy was made, and it serves as a sequel to the original trilogy.

So, it’s called the sequel trilogy.

In addition to these nine movies are countless books and video games, a handful of additional movies, and a number of TV shows.

The franchise is pretty massive, but even with all of the extra stuff, the primary focus of Star Wars tends to be on the three trilogies.

Why Do You Want to Anger One of the Most Devoted Fan Bases in the World?

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With all of that background information covered, there’s another question.

What’s your goal here?

Are you just trying to pick a fight, or is there something else involved?

I’m not here to judge you or predict your motivations.

Instead, I’m going to provide some information about Star Wars and its fans, and I’m hoping we can all have a little fun along the way.

I have a list of ways to anger Star Wars fans, but they’re not aimed at deep-seated, hateful anger.

Instead, this is supposed to be in good fun, so keep that in mind as you read.

What Are the Top Ways to Anger Star Wars Fans? (10 Ways)

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The disclaimer is out of the way, so let’s really get into it.

Below is a list of the best ways to set off Star Wars fans and get on their dark sides.

#1 Confuse Star Wars With Star Trek

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This is at the top of the list for a reason.

I can’t explain how or why it came to be this way, but Star Trek and Star Wars fans tend to view their two franchises as rivals.

As a result, if you ever mistake one series for the other, fans of either side will be upset.

If you’re not familiar with either franchise, then here are a few tips.

If you call a Star Wars character by a Star Trek name, you’ve done it.

Some really good names to bring up are the Enterprise (it’s the main spaceship in Star Trek), Captain Kirk, and Captain Picard.

Misname anything in Star Wars with one of these, and your Star Wars fan will notice.

A few Trekkies might come out of the woodwork to admonish you too.

You don’t have to limit your misnomers to these few names; they’re just a few prominent Star Trek characters to get you started.

#2 Ask How Other Star Wars Characters Understand Chewbacca

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Chewbacca is a major character in the Star Wars saga.

He’s around in most of the movies (some more than others).

If you’re not familiar with him, he’s the 7.5-foot-tall hairy creature who runs around with the good guys.

He’s a unique character, to say the least, and he only speaks in what is best described as a howling language.

English words never escape his hairy lips.

Despite this, the main characters all understand him just fine.

It’s like Wookie (the name of his type of people) is a common elective language in Star Wars high school or something.

If you point out how weird this is, Star Wars fans will always respond.

What they won’t do is adequately explain why so many characters are fluent in Chebacca’s strange language.

#3 Complain About the Whiney Characters in Star Wars

Star Wars fan wearing a Rey costume

This is a weird trope in Star Wars movies, but it’s present in most of the main storyline.

Each series trilogy tends to have a central character who whines a lot.

In the original trilogy, it’s Luke Skywalker.

He eventually stops whining, but in the first Star Wars movie . . . there’s a lot of high-pitched complaining.

In the prequel trilogy, Anakin is a big whiner.

Considering he’s Luke’s dad, maybe it’s genetic.

In the final trilogy, it’s Rose (even saying that will make some Star Wars fans angry).

And, in every movie, it’s also C-3PO.

He’s the golden metallic robot that is always complaining about everything.

I have no idea why George Lucas thought that his movies needed a whiner, but by the time other production crews were in charge of Star Wars, they decided to stick with the trend.

If you point this out to an avid Star Wars fan, they won’t appreciate it very much.

Yet, there’s no getting around the fact that some of these characters whine a lot.

It’s not exactly endearing.

#4 Complain About the Goofball Humor in Star Wars

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On a different note, Star Wars has a lot of goofball humor.

This actually is pretty easy to explain.

George Lucas always imagined that kids would be able to appreciate his work.

He didn’t make Star Wars exclusively for children—there are plenty of adult moments and themes—but he was sure to include something for the young viewers in each movie.

This often turned into goofball humor.

Some of the most famous goofball humor comes from the Ewoks (little teddy bear creatures in Return of the Jedi) comically taking on the most advanced troops in the empire.

A less endearing example is Jar Jar Binks who is probably the most reviled character in all of Star Wars.

C-3PO is another source of goofball humor.

While the silly moments cater to younger audiences, they often feel out of place in what is otherwise a very serious bunch of movies.

Still, rabid Star Wars fans don’t like to hear that.

#5 Suggest That the Clone Wars Show Is Just Cartoons

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So far, we’ve been mostly talking about the Star Wars movies.

There’s a ton of other content, and one of the most beloved bits outside of the movies is the Clone Wars.

Technically, there were two Clone Wars series, and both were animated.

One used traditional 2-D animation.

A later series was made with 3-D animation, and it’s the one that everyone seems to love.

If you say bad things about this cartoon series (or that it’s “just” a cartoon), you might get a sassy response.

#6 Ask Why the Star Wars Muppet Talks Funny

Boy wearing a Yoda costume in a lawn

The original trilogy used a lot of muppets for interesting aliens and creatures of the galaxy.

Of all of the muppets in those movies, the most famous and beloved was a character known as Yoda.

You may have heard of Yoda before, if only in the context of “Baby Yoda.”

That’s a whole other thing.

Baby Yoda (actually named Grogu) is a character in the Mandalorian TV show.

He’s the super cute green alien, and he’s called Baby Yoda because he is a baby and looks a lot like Yoda, the aforementioned muppet.

Yoda is known as one of the most powerful Jedi of all time, and he’s the one who trains Luke in the ways of the Force.

He also talks funny.

He tends to reverse verbs and subjects in his sentences.

Instead of “I will train you,” he might say, “Train you, I will.”

It’s a whole thing.

But, if you ask why this character talks in a funny way or ridicule his speech, you’re really stepping into it.

Fans love Yoda, and his strange speech pattern is a lovable quirk—not something to mock.

#7 Point Out That the Bad Guys in Star Wars Can’t Shoot Anything

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The original Star Wars trilogy was made in the 70s and 80s, and it fell into a common trap for action movies of its time.

The good guys are constantly walking and running through hailstorms of gunfire, and nothing ever hits them.

Meanwhile, every shot fired by a good guy nails a bad guy right in the weak spot.

It’s just not something filmmakers cared about until fans started to relentlessly make fun of it, and since the original Star Wars films are old, they suffer from this fatal flaw.

But, if you point that out, you’ll get one of a few responses.

The Star Wars fan might talk about “the will of the Force” to justify why the good guys never get shot.

They might instead jump into some meme humor about how stormtroopers (the guys in white armor in the movies) can’t hit anything.

Some of them are pretty funny.

Or, they might just get offended.

It’s hard to say which will be the case.

#8 Say That Any One Star Wars Trilogy Is the Best

A Star Wars fan dressed as a villain and holding a red lightsaber

Countless peripheral stories aside, Star Wars is a trilogy of trilogies.

While that adds up to nine total movies, each trilogy was made in a different era and is easily distinguished from the others.

Now, you might think that there’s an objective best trilogy (which is the original trilogy), but the fanbase is actually split on that sentiment.

The original trilogy probably gets the least flak or hate, but it is definitely not everyone’s favorite.

If Star Wars fans were truly honest about it, they would probably admit that their favorite trilogy is the one they grew up with.

In fact, you can almost guess a Star Wars fan’s age by which trilogy they prefer (now is not the time to comment on my age). 

In the end, this means one thing.

If you say that one trilogy is the best of all, two-thirds of Star Wars fans will disagree with you.

That might seem nice, but these disagreements can get heated in no time.

Even if the person you say it to happens to agree with you, some random fan will crash through the walls like the Kool-Aid man just to argue with you.

There’s no winning.

Pick a favorite trilogy, and you’ll upset the fans.

#9 Say, “Luke, I Am Your Father.”

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One of the most iconic, quoted, and well-known lines in the history of cinema happens in the original trilogy when Darth Vader tells Luke Skywalker that they are father and son.

As everyone in the world knows, this news is delivered with the classic line, “Luke, I am your father.”

Here’s the thing though.

That’s not actually the line.

It’s very close, but it’s not quite right.

The correct line is, “No! I am your father.”

It’s a small difference, but the most die-hard Star Wars fans know this, and they’ll quickly correct you if you get the line wrong.

This line is misquoted so often that it’s actually one of the go-to examples of the Mandela Effect.

In case you don’t know, the Mandela Effect is a name for when people across society all seem to misremember the same thing.

All of that is to say that misquoting the iconic line is an easy way to rile up a Star Wars fan, assuming they know better.

#10 Compare Star Wars to Star Trek

Star Wars fan in Luke Skywalker Jedi costume from the sequel trilogy

Is this legal?

Am I allowed to list Star Trek all over again?

It’s my list and my rules.

Seriously though, the Star Wars vs Star Trek concept is so pervasive that this really is worth mentioning twice.

Earlier, I said that you can anger a Star Wars fan by crossing up the two franchises.

You can get the same effect by directly comparing them.

Suggest that Star Trek is cooler because it’s more scientific.

Say that the Star Trek universe would totally beat Star Wars in a galactic battle.

Suggest that Star Trek characters are better in any way.

The specifics actually don’t matter.

As long as you steer into the rivalry, you’ll be sure to land an angering blow somewhere.

Unless, of course, you somehow manage to find a fan of both Star Wars and Star Trek.

Then, they might not even have a favorite.

Not to worry, such a creature can only be found in myth.

After all, you’re not allowed to love both franchises.