WhatsApp Call Says Unavailable: Meaning? (Are you Blocked?)

WhatsApp Call Says Unavailable: Meaning?

This message happens when one or both of you cannot establish a stable connection. That means the problem can be with your connectivity, their connectivity, or WhatsApp servers. It’s also possible that the connections are fine, and you have been blocked by the other person.

Phone on Airplane Mode: Secretly Viewing Snaps? (+ 2 Tricks)

Snapchat Airplane Mode: Can View Snaps Secretly?

If you turn airplane mode on, the other person won’t know you saw their snap. As soon as you turn off your airplane mode, the other person will be notified that the snap has been opened. However, you can trick Snapchat with airplane mode into not letting the other person know that you have opened their snap.

Snap Map Location: Disappears If Phone Dies? (All the Info)

Snap Map Location: Disappears if Phone Dies?

If your battery dies your Bitmoji won’t disappear from the Snap Map. However, if you are offline for a long time, your Bitmoji will disappear. After about seven hours, Snapchat assumes you don’t want to broadcast your location publicly, and your Bitmoji will disappear.

Instagram's Invalid Parameter Error: How to Fix It? (8 Ways)

Instagram’s Invalid Parameter Error: How to Fix?

Here’s how to fix Instagram’s invalid parameter error: Many reasons may contribute to this error, and there are many solutions: Try updating your app Uninstall and reinstall System update Try to login through facebook Two-factor authentication Your autofill has the wrong info Change or reset password Check your internet speed So if you want to know how to fix Instagram’s Invalid Parameter Error, this article is for you. Let’s jump right in! What About Instagram’s Invalid Parameter Error? (8 Things) Life can be full of stress.  Money problems, your boss doesn’t like you, your partner annoys you, and imagine what would happen if you couldn’t log in to your Instagram account… Oh boy, the stress is real! Although we can’t help you with money or love problems, if you’ve ever received an Instagram nightmare called “invalid parameter error,” we might know how to help you. There are numerous reasons why this could happen, so let’s start recovering your account and making your life a little bit less stressful. #1 Try Updating Your App Sometimes all of those update notifications can be really annoying, especially if the update is eating up your mobile storage and the app is working perfectly fine. Well, it won’t be long before things start to change. When the new updates appear with some latest security and features, your app might start misbehaving. So you should probably turn on those automatic updates, at least for Instagram. If you prefer to do it manually, just go to your Play or App Store, type Instagram in the search field, and choose the Update option when you tap on it. Simple as that. #2 Uninstall and Reinstall Sometimes the problem may be simpler than you expect it to be. Try uninstalling your Instagram app, then installing it again. The first thing to do, in this case, is to uninstall the application on the device. So take your mobile phone, unlock it, go to

How Much Data Does Snapchat Use?

Snapchat Data Usage: How Much?

Here’s how much data Snapchat uses: If you send snaps continuously for an hour, you will consume about 160 MB. Therefore, one snap consumes about 1 MB of traffic. In contrast, sending a text takes around 20 KB (1000 KB are 1 MB) per message, but sending about 10 stories takes about 20-25 MB. So if you want to learn all about how much data Snapchat uses, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading! What About Snapchat’s Data Usage? Is it possible to spend 1GB of Internet (or even more) while you sleep, without even using your mobile phone at all?! Before you slap up another angry emoji, we’re going to make this quick: Yes, it’s possible—and it’s actually not that uncommon, either. The general recommendation is to turn off automatic updates to the operating system, all installed applications and run them while connected to a quality Wi-Fi network.  This is especially true at night because even if you are not using the device, various applications can be refreshed and active in the background. In practice, if available, your mobile device will prefer a Wi-Fi network to transfer data over a mobile connection.  However, suppose the Wi-Fi connection is not of good quality (low signal level, congestion). In that case, your device will almost imperceptibly “switch” from using Wi-Fi to a mobile connection. Is it really necessary to take all those steps?  Well, if saving mobile data is your absolute priority, then yes, it is. However, some apps are very internet-consuming, and you’d probably want to keep an eye on them. One of them is our beloved Snapchat. How Much Data Does WhatsApp Use? On another note, do you wonder how much data WhatsApp uses? Unless you receive or send lots of pictures, text messaging and group messaging use very little data. Regardless of the network generation, voice calls over WhatsApp use about 400 KB or 0.4 MB per

WhatsApp's Data Usage: How Much?

WhatsApp Data Usage: How Much?

Here’s how much data WhatsApp uses: Text messaging and group messaging use very little data, unless you receive or send lots of pictures. Voice calls over WhatsApp use about 400 KB or 0.4 MB per minute on average, regardless of the network generation. WhatsApp’s video calls, however, consume about 5 MB per minute. So if you want to learn all about how much data WhatsApp uses, then you’re in the right place. Let’s dig right in! How Much Data Does WhatsApp Use? Texting and group messaging use almost no data. The only thing that adds up is receiving or sending lots of photos. In addition to texting and group messaging, WhatsApp allows us to video or voice call individuals and groups. There is a difference between data usage in these two instances. WhatsApp voice calls use 400 KB or 0.4 MB per minute on average when connected to any generation of network. Now, when it’s connected through a 2G network, it uses 200 KB per minute. In 3G data, it uses around 300 KB per minute, and with 4G, it uses around 500 KB per minute. WhatsApp is not very data efficient compared with other apps. However, a video call on the WhatsApp app will consume about 5 MB a minute. Now, this can be a troublesome situation. Not to worry, there is a very simple way to reduce data consumption on WhatsApp. Go to your WhatsApp app, tap on the three vertical dots, tap on Settings > Data and storage usage. Once there, we can see the Call settings section, and we can turn on the Low data usage. By the way, learn all about what it means when you call someone on WhatsApp, your phone rings and then says unavailable here. How Much Data Does Snapchat Use? Do you wonder how much data Snapchat uses in comparison? You will consume 160 MB if you send snaps continuously for an hour. Each snap consumes approximately 1 MB of traffic. Text