Accidental Snapchat Screenshot: Good Reasons?

Accidentally Took Snapchat Screenshot: Good Reasons?

The most common reason is that you were trying to screenshot something else and Snapchat changed the content on you before you finished. Beyond that, you can accidentally take a screenshot by dropping your phone or having someone take it from you. Or, you can admit that it wasn’t an accident.

SnapChat Quick Add Friend Suggestions: Why No Mutual Friends?

SnapChat Quick Add Friend Suggestion: Why No Mutual Friends?

Here’s why Snapchat Quick Add shows friend suggestions you don’t have any mutual friends with: This can be based on location data, common interests, or contacts in your phone book. While Quick Add will prioritize people who have friends in common with you, it is not limited to such suggestions. If you don’t like the … Read more

Deleting Snapchat: Should You?

Deleting Snapchat: Should You? (9 Reasons)

Snapchat can be bad for your mental health. It can also create or contribute to security and privacy issues that range from mildly uncomfortable to life-changing identity theft. Snapchat is also easily replaced as a communication medium and offers surprisingly little in terms of unique opportunities.

Snap Score Going Up: Not Replying?

Snap Score Going Up: Not Replying? (Everything to Know)

Keep in mind that a Snap Score can only go up if the person in question is interacting with Snapchat. Whether or not that’s enough to discern if you are being ignored or not is hard to say. It could be that they missed your message, are very busy, don’t know what to say, or are deliberately ignoring you.

Snapchat Takes Up So Much Phone Storage: Why?

Snapchat Takes Up So Much Phone Storage: Why? (All the Info)

Snapchat takes up a ton of storage because it involves creating and saving pictures and videos. These are data types that eat up a lot more storage than things like emails or texts, so even moderate Snapchat use can hog a lot of data very quickly. That said, there are things you can do to lessen storage consumption.

Snapchat Says Add Friend After Deleted: Why?

Snapchat Says Add Friend After Deleted: Why? (All the Info)

This option is available in case you want to add a friend you removed from your list. This covers instances where you accidentally removed someone as a friend and situations where you change your mind about having them on your friends list. If you tap the option, you will be able to restore the deleted friendship.

Snap Score Goes Up Randomly: How?

Snap Score Goes Up Randomly: How? (4 Reasons)

You can raise your Snap score by sending Snaps, receiving Snaps, and posting Stories. Beyond that, Snapchat doesn’t say what exactly controls the Snap score, but it seems like using the app is what does the most. Viewing stories, adding friends, increasing engagement, and interacting with the app might raise the score.

Fake Snapchat Account: Who Is Behind?

Fake Snapchat Account: Who Is Behind? (How to Find Out)

Honestly, you can’t always find out who runs a fake Snapchat account. In fact, the majority of fake accounts will probably elude your best attempts to reveal the true identity of the account holder. But, there are a few things you can try, and if the fake account is limited to your social circle, they can work.

Bots on Snapchat: Why So Many?

Bots on Snapchat: Why So Many? (Bad if Added One?)

There are a lot of bots on Snapchat because bots are successful at making money for their developers. Bots do a lot of things on Snapchat, including advertising and running scams. Regardless of the purpose, they are usually made and maintained in order to generate revenue for someone.

Fake Snapchat Accounts: What Is the Point?

Fake Snapchat Accounts: What Is the Point? (All the Info)

Most fake Snapchat accounts are designed to manipulate users and/or the Snapchat algorithm into behavior that ultimately leads to financial gain. Fake account holders might try to scam you out of cash, or they might sell views and follows as a service. There are lots of reasons, but it usually boils down to money.

Changing Their Name on Snapchat: Do They Know?

Changing Their Name on Snapchat: Do They Know? (Know All)

Typically speaking, if you change the name of a contact on Snapchat, they have no idea that you have done it or what name you chose. This is a Display Name (or a nickname) that you can pick, and Snapchat does not alert users when these changes are made. They will only know about this if you show them.

Snapchat Friend Suggestions: How Does It Work?

Snapchat Friend Suggestions: How Does It Work? (Know It All)

Snapchat comes up with friend suggestions by using the information you provided. This includes your contacts, existing friends, and user data that is generated every time you engage with the app. All of that is put through sophisticated analytical software, and the end result is the list of suggested friends.

Snapchat Notifies Contacts When Joining: True?

Snapchat Notifies Contacts When Joining: True? (Do This)

When you first create a Snapchat account and sign in, no notifications are sent to anyone.
If you add someone as a contact, they will be notified. Additionally, Snapchat will offer to send mass notifications to your contacts if you choose. Anyone selected in this case will be notified in the same manner.

Snapchat Camera Quality: How to Improve It?

Snapchat Camera Quality: How to Improve? (Android & iPhone)

Here’s how to improve Snapchat’s camera quality for Android phones and iPhones: The app might be malfunctioning, so you can troubleshoot it directly by restarting the app, restarting the phone, and running any updates. It’s possible that Snapchat is not optimized for your specific model of phone.  In that case, you can simply take the … Read more

Snapchat Airplane Mode Trick: Secretly View Snaps?

Snapchat & Airplane Mode: Secretly Viewing Snaps? (2 Tricks)

If you turn airplane mode on, the other person won’t know you saw their snap. As soon as you turn off your airplane mode, the other person will be notified that the snap has been opened. However, you can trick Snapchat with airplane mode into not letting the other person know that you have opened their snap.