Amazon Package Arrived Open and Empty: 3 Crazy REason’s why?

Amazon Package Arrived Open and empty: What to Do? (All the Info)

If your Amazon package arrives open and items are missing and/or damaged, then you should contact Amazon. They might not resolve the issue directly, but they will redirect you to the carrier and/or the police as needed. Ultimately, the resolution varies case by case, but there are actions you can take.

DHL Says Customs Status Updated: Meaning?

DHL Says Customs Status Updated: Meaning? (Stuck?)

This message is telling you that your package is currently in processing at a customs facility, but it has not finished the process and is not yet cleared for shipment. There are many reasons why you might see this, but all of them are tied to unexpected delays. The challenge is that DHL is not in control.

Forever 21 Packages Coming Early: Possible?

Forever 21 Packages Come Early: Possible? (All the Info)

Forever 21 packages can and have come early to any number of customers. That said, it is not a standardized or normal occurrence, and reports of early delivery can largely be chalked up to good luck. A few factors can make it more likely that your package will come early, but ultimately, it’s uncommon.

Shein Delivers Early: Shein’s Tracking Accurate?

Shein Delivers Early: How Accurate is Shein's Tracking?

Shein is known to overestimate delivery times, and many customers report getting their items before the expected delivery date. Despite that, it’s fair to say that Shein’s order tracking is relatively accurate and reliable. It uses methodologies on par with other major shipping entities, like Amazon or FedEx.