Sasuke With Curse Mark: How Much Stronger?

Here’s how much stronger Sasuke would be if he still had his curse mark:

The curse mark is said to act as a strength multiplier, so it could enhance Sasuke’s abilities by anywhere from 3 to 10 times their current level.

It’s actually more likely that the curse mark would be incompatible with Sasuke’s most powerful abilities.

It would weaken more than it would help him.

So if you want to learn all about how much more powerful Sasuke would be with the curse mark, then this article is for you.

Let’s get right into it!

Sasuke With Curse Mark: How Much Stronger? (All the Info)

Who Is Sasuke? (3 Abilities)

The fact that you’re even here means that you likely have some familiarity with the Naruto franchise and some of the most popular characters.

Sasuke is clearly a leading character, so I’m assuming you know a little bit about him.

The point of this section is not to tell you things you already know.

Instead, I’m going to explain Sasuke’s abilities so that we can make clear comparisons to what we should expect from him with or without the curse mark.

Before getting into any of that, I have to issue a spoiler warning.

If we’re talking about Sasuke’s abilities and achievements, then I’ll have to cover major plot points from all parts of the Naruto manga and some things that have come up in Boruto.

If you’re not up to speed, then you might want to hold off on reading the rest of this.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, I’m going to break up the discussion of Sasuke’s current abilities into three parts.

We’ll discuss his general abilities, the Sharingan, and the Rinnegan.

#1 General Skills

In general, Sasuke is one of the most powerful ninjas of all time.

He’s incredibly strong, able to dish out and withstand blows that very, very few other ninjas can match.

He’s also one of the fastest ninjas in the franchise.

Arguably, two or three other ninjas are ever faster than Sasuke, and that’s it.

He’s blindingly fast.

Sasuke also has massive chakra reserves.

He doesn’t have the most chakra of anyone, but again, the list of characters with more chakra than a full-powered Sasuke is pretty short.

On top of that, his chakra control is second to none, allowing him to get the most bang for his buck when he does expend chakra.

Sasuke has a wide range of ninja abilities, including complete mastery of both fire and lightning styles.

Most of all, Sasuke is extremely astute and smart in combat.

He can figure out what matters most in a fight almost immediately, and he can form complex strategies on the fly that give him the best chances of winning a fight.

Put all of that together, and Sasuke’s a force to be reckoned with, but he has two special abilities that go even beyond.

#2 Sharingan

You can’t discuss Sasuke without talking about his eyes.

By the end of the series, Sasuke has the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

This comes with all of the abilities of the basic Sharingan plus Sasuke’s special abilities, and he can use them without limit.

So, Sasuke can acutely analyze ninjas and their abilities with this special eye.

He can perform powerful hypnosis (genjutsu) techniques, and he can rapidly learn techniques that he watches.

His special abilities include summoning Amaterasu (the most powerful fire technique), shaping fire at will, and Susano (the most powerful of all of the Sharingan techniques).

Across all of this, Sasuke’s Sharingan is one of the most powerful in the series, and he uses it to take down several of the most powerful enemies that exist in the original Naruto manga.

We can’t say for certain that Sasuke has the very most powerful Sharingan of all, but there aren’t that many that exist on the same level (arguably only 6 or so in total).

#3 Rinnegan

At the same time, Sasuke also possesses the Rinnegan, which is another super powerful eye-based ability.

More specifically, the Rinnegan grants Sasuke a handful of incredibly powerful unique abilities.

For starters, the Rinnegan gives Sasuke complete mastery over all of the natures of chakra, which is a huge boost.

It also amplifies his ability to acutely see chakra and abilities in battle, and it makes it even easier for him to master techniques that he sees.

Sasuke also gets access to the Six Paths techniques that come with the Rinnegan.

These include the ability to push and pull objects, build meteors, steal souls, absorb chakra, enhance his own body, read minds, and summon creatures (some paths actually come with multiple abilities).

Sasuke’s Rinnegan also gives him a unique ability to teleport.

He can switch places with anything, and he uses it to travel and in combat.

There are other specific enhancements that come with the Rinnegan, like seeing codes and recognizing patterns, but this is the bulk of what it does.

When Sasuke is at his strongest, the Rinnegan is most useful for analysis, teleportation, and absorbing chakra.

He uses the other techniques but far less often.

What Is the Curse Mark?

Now we have an idea of what Sasuke can do without the curse mark.

Let’s talk about the curse mark itself and what it might do to make Sasuke even stronger.

For starters, the curse mark is a technique that was invented by Orochimaru.

When Sasuke was still a rookie ninja (and very young), Orochimaru infected him with the curse mark.

The goal was to make Sasuke stronger, largely because Orochimaru wanted to take over his body.

The curse mark was made from Orochimaru’s chakra, and the point was to give the recipient major stat boosts for combat.

When released, the curse mark made Sasuke stronger and faster (it’s unclear by how much), and it served as an extra chakra reserve.

But, the mark comes with a drawback.

If the user runs out of chakra, the mark can take over their body, giving Orochimaru complete control.

When Sasuke is young, he struggles with this more than once.

Level Two

The curse mark can actually mature and reach a second level.

This happens to Sasuke when he fights against Naruto at the Valley of the End.

Over the course of the fight, both characters get stronger, and eventually, Naruto starts releasing chakra from the 9-tailed fox.

With this chakra, he’s a lot faster and stronger, and Sasuke can’t keep up.

So, Sasuke taps into the curse mark and reaches the second level.

When he does, he grows wings, his skin changes color, and he gets a substantial boost to strength, speed, and chakra output.

Again, it’s unclear just how much of a boost this constitutes, but some fans estimate it to be a 10-fold increase in raw ability.

That’s pretty substantial, but it still has limits.

When Sasuke finally fights his brother, Itachi, the curse mark is nowhere near enough.

Itachi is able to completely remove all of Orochimaru’s chakra and get rid of the curse mark entirely.

Technically, Sasuke wins the fight, but that’s largely because Itachi dies from his chronic illness at the end of the battle.

Would the Curse Mark Make Sasuke Stronger? (4 Points)

Ok. We know that Sasuke, as an adult, is crazy strong with ridiculous abilities.

He’s much stronger than at any point while he had the curse mark.

But, the curse mark is supposed to multiply power.

If that’s the case, it would easily make Sasuke a lot stronger, right?

Well, since this is the Naruto universe we’re discussing, things are a bit more complicated than all of that.

I’ll go over how the curse mark might make Sasuke stronger.

Then, I’ll explain why it’s more likely that the curse mark would actually make Sasuke weaker overall.

With enough information, you can decide for yourself.

#1 As a Multiplier

It’s not clear, but some fans speculate that the curse mark actually draws on natural energy to provide its power boost.

This would make it similar to sage mode or sage chakra, which is very powerful. 

It is shown in the original story that Orichimaru is capable of utilizing sage chakra, so this is possible.

If that’s the case, then having the mark would be a huge boost for Sasuke.

Adding natural energy to his already considerable powers would only make him stronger.

He’d be anywhere from 3 to 10 times as strong with the curse mark serving that function.

There’s still the risk of losing control if he ever runs out of chakra, but adult Sasuke has such amazing control that he could probably handle that risk just fine.

#2 But Maybe Not

The problem is that the sage mode speculation is never confirmed.

More likely, Orochimaru wouldn’t want to give that much power to someone he was planning to control.

It’s more likely that the curse mark is made from Orochimaru’s chakra, and that makes the outcome very different.

For starters, any chakra implanted by Orochimaru is going to pale in comparison to sage mode.

It’s also going to pale in comparison to the chakra output demonstrated by adult Sasuke.

Adult Sasuke has ridiculous chakra levels, and the small reserve held in the curse mark wouldn’t really do much for him.

It’s also likely that Orochimaru’s chakra would be incompatible with Sasuke’s most advanced techniques.

The Sharingan and Rinnegan are very specialized, so Sasuke probably wouldn’t be able to use cursed mark chakra to power them up.

From what we see when Sasuke does have the curse mark, it doesn’t make his eyes any stronger.

It only enhances his physical abilities and non-eye-based techniques.

On top of that, Sasuke doesn’t really need the small chakra reserve and boost that would come from the curse mark.

The Rinnegan allows him to absorb chakra from opponents, and that’s going to be worth more to him in most of his advanced fights.

To put this in other terms, by the end of the original series, Orochimaru is completely outscaled as a villain.

He can’t keep up with the likes of Obito, Madara, and Kagura.

Sasuke is able to handle them without the curse mark.

Even if it offered a boost, it would probably be minimal at that level.

#3 Kakashi’s Warning

There’s something else to consider completely.

When Kakashi tries to seal the curse mark, he gives Sasuke a warning.

He suggests that Sasuke’s strength and growth will actually be inhibited if he relies on the curse mark.

The curse mark is an external source of power, and it won’t help Sasuke develop.

If we take Kakashi at his word (and he’s usually right about these kinds of things), then keeping the curse mark would only make Sasuke weaker.

Sasuke might never develop his Mangekyou Sharingan or Rinnegan, which would substantially weaken him.

#4 Final Verdict

We could consider another alternative where Orochimaru gives Sasuke a new curse mark as an adult.

In this case, Sasuke has developed just fine.

The curse mark is just another boost to help him against the most powerful enemies.

In this case, it’s possible that the mark would raise Sasuke’s abilities (assuming it doesn’t create chakra conflicts), but it would unlikely be a big multiplier.

It would just be one more tool at his disposal.

It’s more likely that the curse mark has nothing to offer adult Sasuke.

After all, in Boruto, Orochimaru is still around.

If Sasuke thought the curse mark could help him, he would ask for Orochimaru’s help.

The fact that this doesn’t happen suggests that the mark has nothing to offer Sasuke.

Most likely, the curse mark wouldn’t make Sasuke any amount stronger and would only be a hindrance.

That’s my final verdict.