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  2. SAP Modules: The COMPLETE List (SAP Components)

SAP Modules: The COMPLETE List (SAP Components)

SAP Modules (Components): Complete List

This is the COMPLETE list of SAP modules (SAP components).

The list contains the acronyms of all SAP modules and their full forms.

So if you want a complete list of all SAP modules that you can search and sort, then this list is for you.

Let’s dive right in!

Complete SAP Modules (Components) List

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 Acronym Full Form
 Acronym Full Form

Discover SAP FAQs

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Do you know why it’s called SAP?

You’ll learn that SAP stands for “System, Applications, and Products in Data Processing” as well as its more in depth origins.

The acronym SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing.

Do you know the difference between software and hardware?

You’ll learn the difference clearly and how they relate to SAP (hint: SAP makes software!)

Let’s get started with the SAP FAQs list that gives you a quick-start into SAP!

Now It’s Your Turn

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Hopefully, you found this complete list of the SAP modules helpful.

And now it’s your turn:

  • Did this list contained what you were looking for?
  • Are you still wondering anything?
  • Or is there anything you need to know that wasn’t covered here?

Either way, go ahead and leave a comment below right now.

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