Sakura Saving Naruto: How Many Times?

Here’s how many times Sakura has saved Naruto:

Arguably, Sakura saves Naruto tons of times, depending on what you consider a save and what media you’re willing to include.

If you narrow the criteria and only consider the original manga, then Sakura clearly saves Naruto at least nine times.

Arguably, she contributes to saving his life even more than that.

So if you want to learn all about the number of times Sakura has saved Naruto, then this article is for you.

Let’s jump right into it!

Sakura Saving Naruto: How Many Times? (All the Info)

How Many Times Has Sakura Saved Naruto?

The answer to this question really depends on what you’re willing to count.

What actually constitutes saving Naruto?

Also, what content are you including?

In case you didn’t know, there’s a lot of Naruto content out there.

The character is featured in two mangas, three anime series and roughly a dozen movies, and that’s to say nothing of the various video games and alternative media appearances.

So, we have to draw some lines.

I’m only going to include saves that happened in the original manga run.

That will exclude all of the movies and Boruto.

But, every save I’m listing in this article did happen in either Naruto or Shippuden.

So, they’re in the anime series too.

With those qualifications in mind, I found nine distinctive moments where Sakura saves Naruto.

There are handfuls of others where you could argue that a save happened, and I’ll cover it all in pretty good detail.

But, if you’re just looking for a number, I’m going with nine.

When and How Did Sakura Save Naruto? (9 Events)

Below, I’m going to break down each individual save, but before I do, there are a couple of things to cover.

First is the spoiler warning.

These saves involve important plot points, so if you haven’t enjoyed Naruto and think you might want to, maybe you should dip out on this article.

There will be many spoilers.

Second, if you’re not already a fan of Naruto, I’m about to go through nine different important moments in the story.

That process is going to involve a lot of different characters and terms and aspects of Naruto lore.

It might get a little deep, and taking time to explore every name that comes up would turn this into a novel.

So, if you get lost along the way, this is the Naruto wiki.

You can pretty easily look up a lot of characters and terms.

With all of that covered, let’s get into this.

#1 Zabuza

The first clear save Sakura has on Naruto happens in their first real mission.

Sure, the team had been on missions before the Zabuza saga, but this mission was deadly serious, and exposed the kids to deadly stakes for the first time (as qualified ninjas).

Zabuza shows up unexpectedly and attacks the group.

Naruto is too slow to understand what is happening, and Sakura pushes him down to save him from a sword attack.

She very clearly saves his life at this time.

Also, this sets up the first team attack between Naruto and Sasuke, which is a pretty cool moment in the series.

There’s no doubt, though, that Naruto survived his first deadly mission because of Sakura.

#2 Orochimaru

Fast forward to the Chunin exams.

In the first physical test, the team has to navigate a dangerous forest.

While they’re in the forest, they are attacked by a ninja that turns out to be Orochimaru (one of the more powerful villains in the saga). 

Many things happen, but ultimately, Naruto and Sasuke are both incapacitated by Orochimaru.

In fact, Naruto is about to fall to his demise when Sakura acts quickly and pins him to a tree with a kunai.

It’s another clear save.

#3 Sound Ninjas

While Sasuke and Naruto are still out of commission from their encounter with Orochimaru, a team of sound ninjas that is also taking the test appears.

Sakura desperately holds off the entire team by herself.

Ultimately, she buys enough time for Rock Lee to show up and battle the ninjas.

Before that fight concludes, Sasuke wakes up and makes short work of them.

Sakura’s actions do delay the sound ninjas enough to save Naruto and Sasuke, and it’s clear that they were planning to kill Sakura’s team had she not intervened.

But, some would only count this as a partial save since Lee and Sasuke had to defeat the sound ninjas in the end.

#4 4-Tails

For the next clear save, we have to skip ahead all the way to Shippuden.

Naruto and Sakura are on a team that encounters Orochimaru again.

In this encounter the fight grows epic, and Naruto is ultimately angered to a point where he releases the 9-tailed fox’s chakra.

Now, he can do this to an extent and remain in control, and the chakra gives him a substantial power boost.

But, at this point in the story, Naruto can’t handle more than the amount of chakra that would make three tails appear around his body.

In his rage, he releases four tails of chakra, and he goes out of control.

This release of power is enough to drive off Orochimaru, but the power is too much and leaves Naruto severely injured.

Sakura, a medical ninja at this point, is able to heal Naruto’s injuries and save his life.

#5 Poison Kunai

Later in the story, Naruto and Sakura encounter Sasuke.

At this point, Sasuke is on a pretty dark path, and he’s more than willing to kill both of his former friends in order to achieve his goals.

As a result, he ends up with a poisoned kunai in his possession.

He fights with Naruto and ultimately scratches Naruto with the kunia, poisoning him.

More parties intervene, and Sasuke escapes, but Naruto is still poisoned.

Sakura is able to neutralize the poison, and once again, she saves his life.

#6 Shinobi War

Finally, we get to the fourth great shinobi war.

This is a major plot point in the original story, and it takes up a lot of chapters of the manga and episodes of the anime.

To say that a lot happened is an understatement.

Over the course of the war, both Naruto and Sakura engage and dispatch many enemies, some of whom are extremely powerful.

At various points along the way, Naruto sustains injuries and depletes his chakra.

Multiple times, Sakura is there to heal him and help him recover his chakra.

It’s hard to say that any one instance saves Naruto’s life, but combined, they keep him in good enough combat shape that her actions might have led to the outcome of the war.

Naruto is so pivotal in so many battles that it’s safe to say that without Sakura’s interference, they would have lost the war.

Considering the war was fought in order to take the 9 tails out of Naruto (and such an action would definitely kill him), we can say that Sakura’s combined efforts through the war saved Naruto’s life.

#7 Bijuu

Alright. This one is a little more complicated, and technically it still takes place during the fourth great ninja war.

But, it’s a specific instance, and at this point in the story, most of the allied ninja army can no longer keep up with the battle.

It’s really just about the dozen or so heavy hitters who are still in action.

So, Madara, the chief bad guy, is trying to get all of the chakra from all of the tailed beasts.

The only beast he has left to capture is the 9 tails inside of Naruto.

He successfully drains all of the 9 tails chakra from Naruto, and this is bad.

Typically speaking, this process will kill Naruto pretty quickly, and in the story, Naruto is very much on the verge of death.

But, Sakura, being the accomplished medical ninja that she is at this point in the story, is able to barely keep Naruto alive for a little bit of time.

This is enough time for Obito, who had a change of heart, but put some of the chakra from the bijuu into Naruto.

This chakra is enough to prevent the loss of the 9 tails from killing Naruto, and his life is saved once more.

In this case, saving Naruto is a team effort, but Sakura is a key player.

#8 Kaguya

In the final fight of the original Naruto run (well, technically there’s one more fight that is covered in the next section), it’s just Team 7 against the shinobi god, Kaguya.

Kaguya is an insanely tough opponent, and only by working together can Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi defeat her.

Sakura is a player throughout the battle, but there’s one specific moment that I think is worth noting.

Sasuke and Naruto figure out how to seal Kaguya, but they have to pin her down in one spot to pull off the seal, and alone, they can’t do it.

So, Sakura steps up and punches Kaguya.

That might sound simple, but it’s a big punch, and it’s a major moment for the whole saga.

With that punch, Kaguya is stunned long enough for Naruto and Sasuke to do their thing, and the day is saved.

Sakura’s punch effectively saves the whole world, Naruto included.

#9 Lost Arm

Last on the list is the lost arm.

After Kaguya is defeated, Naruto and Sasuke have a one-on-one fight to finally settle their differences.

It’s an epic fight, and by the end of it, neither combatant can move at all, they’re so injured and exhausted.

More to the point, they each lose an arm in the final blow of the fight, and they’re in grave danger of bleeding to death, lying next to each other on the ground.

Sakura shows up in time and stops the bleeding and heals them both enough that their lives are no longer in danger.

One last time, Sakura clearly saves Naruto from death.