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SAG-AFTRA Considers Second Strike Against Video Game Giants Amid Wage and AI Concerns

SAG-AFTRA, the union that represents actors in the United States, is actively considering launching a second strike against prominent video game companies, including Activision and Electronic Arts.

The union and the companies find themselves at an impasse in their negotiations, with key sticking points being wage increases and the influence of artificial intelligence on the industry.

The union is not just looking for a minor adjustment in pay; they are advocating for a significant 11% wage increase for performers involved in video game productions.

This push for higher pay comes as the union aims to secure better financial conditions for its members, who contribute their voice and motion-capture performances to create lifelike characters in video games.

In addition to financial concerns, SAG-AFTRA is also focusing on the ethical and professional implications of artificial intelligence technology.

They argue that the rise of AI could jeopardize the careers of artists by potentially replacing human performances with synthesized voices and movements.

As a result, the union is calling for protective measures to be put in place to safeguard the future job opportunities for their members in this rapidly evolving technological landscape.

To resolve these issues, the union has scheduled a voting period from September 5 to 25, during which its members will decide whether or not to go on strike.

This move indicates the seriousness of the situation and underscores the union’s commitment to fighting for better working conditions and opportunities for its members in the video game industry.

Source: Newsbreak