90s Camera Quality vs. 80s & 70s: Why So Poor?

90s Poor Camera Quality vs. 80s and 70s: Why? (All the Info)

Camera quality from the 90s does not always look poor when compared to the 80s and 70s. That said, there are many instances where 90s images do look noticeably worse, and it mostly stems from the emergence of budget imaging technology. 90s images were all over the place, both better and worse than the 80s and 70s.

Filters on Photos: How to Remove?

Remove Filters From Photos: How to? (e.g., Instagram)

In order to remove a filter from a photo, you can use the app that applied the filter. Snapchat, Instagram, and all of the other apps have options to remove or revert filters back to the original. If you’re removing a filter from a photo that you didn’t edit, then your best bet is to try third-party apps.

Polaroid Pictures: Safe to Cut?

Polaroid Photos: Safe to Cut? (Everything to Know)

Generally speaking, it is safe to cut Polaroid pictures. You will not risk harm to yourself or the immediate environment around you. But, cutting into a Polaroid picture will expose the internal components to air, and that exposure can significantly shorten the overall lifespan of the Polaroid picture.

Pictures on Phone vs. on Computer: Different?

Pictures on Phone vs. on Computer: Different? (9 Reasons)

Phones and computers use different hardware to understand and display images. The screens on each device are different enough that the image virtually must look different on each device. On top of that, there are countless software differences between the two devices that can produce many image discrepancies.

Taking Polaroid Picture of Phone or Computer Screen: How to?

Taking Polaroid Picture of Phone or Computer Screen: How to?

The key to a good Polaroid of a phone or computer screen is to control the lighting. Soft lighting is very important, and you want to consider a lower shutter speed to get better image quality. Alternatively, you can use a Polaroid printer or third-party service to directly print a Polaroid of a digital image.

Looking Fatter in Pictures Than in Mirrors: Why?

Looking Fatter in Pictures Than in Mirrors: Why? (Facts)

There are two reasons you might look fatter in a picture than in a mirror. The first is that cameras can distort images and make you look strange in the picture. The second is that seeing yourself in a photograph can induce a different psychological reaction as compared to seeing yourself in a mirror.

Snapchat Camera Quality: How to Improve It?

Snapchat Camera Quality: How to Improve? (Android & iPhone)

Here’s how to improve Snapchat’s camera quality for Android phones and iPhones: The app might be malfunctioning, so you can troubleshoot it directly by restarting the app, restarting the phone, and running any updates. It’s possible that Snapchat is not optimized for your specific model of phone.  In that case, you can simply take the … Read more

Pretty in Mirror, Ugly in Flipped Phone Pictures?

Pretty in Mirror, Ugly in Flipped Phone Pictures? (Do This)

Most people see themselves in a mirror every day, so you perceive this as the original image. So when you see yourself in phone pictures, your face seems to be the wrong way, then you are used to seeing it. As a result, your brain is the one telling you that the image is ugly. It’s psychological.