855 Area Code: Calls Safe?

855 Area Code: Calls Safe? (What Is the 855 Area Code?)

The 855 area code is a toll-free area code for use in the United States and Canada. It’s just like the 800 area code in this respect. It isn’t tied to a geographical region within North America, and it is used by a lot of legitimate businesses. It is also used for illegitimate purposes, so its safety is debatable.

Phone Call Just Beeps: Meaning?

Phone Calls That Just Beep: Meaning? (+ How to Prevent)

Sometimes you answer the phone and just hear a beep, and that is almost always the result of a computer system. The computer is trying to connect you to another phone line, and for any number of reasons, that connection failed. Usually, this is tied to robocalling, and the reason for the call can vary widely.

Area Code 324: Where Is It From?

Area Code 324: Where Are Those Calls From? (Safe?)

In North America, 324 is a reserved area code, which means that it is not currently in use in any region. While no country used 324 as a country code, Belgium uses 32, and Ghana uses a prefix of 233. Both of these can end up looking like they are a 324 area code when a caller ID has formatting limitations.

11-Digit, 12-Digit, or More-Digit Number Calls: Safe?

11-Digit, 12-Digit, or More-Digit Number Calls: Safe?

The caller is either out of the country or trying to hide their real identity. If you do not recognize the number, it is most likely a spoofed number that prevents you from recognizing who is really calling. This is commonly done for both telemarketing and running phone scams.

Call From Unallocated Phone Number

Call From an Call From Unallocated Phone Number: How? (Scam?)

You can get a call from an unallocated number when it’s spoofed. Or, the owner of the number didn’t pay. Or, the telephone provider has network problems. Or, the number is no longer assigned.

0000000000 or 1000000000: Who Calls You?

Who Is Calling When 0000000000 or 1000000000 Calls You?

No one who appears to be calling from 0000000000 or 1000000000 actually has those numbers assigned to them. Therefore, they are guilty of this spoofing tactic. Spoofing is when someone or something takes on another identity that does not belong to them—and in this way commits identity fraud.