Dropping Phone: Affects Phone's Performance? (All the Info)

Dropping Phone: Affects Phone’s Performance? 

In the majority of cases where a phone is dropped, the device is just fine, but it is possible for a drop to damage a phone and affect its performance. These performance differences can range from bricking the phone to cracking the screen to other problems. Ultimately, a lot can go wrong, even if it’s usually fine.

Charging Cell Phone: How Long Does It Take? (+ Examples)

Charging Phone: How Long Does It Take?

Here’s how long it takes to charge a cell phone: The answer depends on many factors, such as the capacity of your battery and the charger you are using. Modern smartphones generally take between 40 minutes and two hours to charge. These are just averages because real charge times vary so much, even between phones that are from the same company and model. If you want to learn all about how long it takes to charge a cell phone, then you’re in the right place. Let’s jump right in! What Is the Battery Capacity of Your Phone? The first thing to understand about phone charging is to understand what exactly we are charging.  Batteries, more specifically lithium-ion batteries, power modern smartphones. These batteries store energy in the form of chemical potential energy. And when that energy is needed by the phone to work, this chemical potential energy is converted into electrical energy. This flow of energy is power.  This is the power that runs all the little circuits and display screens on your smartphone. But like any source of power, this is finite and limited.  Once there is no more chemical energy to convert to electrical power, your phone dies. On another note, learn here all about whether your cell phone goes straight to voicemail when your battery dies. Getting back to the topic: When your phone dies, charging comes in. Charging your phone is the reverse process of the one I just described.  Now electrical energy from your outlet is converted into chemical potential energy to be stored. Charging a battery can be thought of as filling up a tank of gas. If we take this analogy, we can better understand how long it takes to charge a phone fully.  So, for example, a smaller tank will take less gas and less time to charge.  While a larger tank will take more time and more gas to fill up.

Dropping Your Phone: What Happens? (Internal Damage?)

Dropping Your Phone: What Happens?

The short answer is, it depends. Many drops are harmless to phones, but some can be completely devastating. The different outcomes depend on how the phone is dropped, how it is designed, and what extra layers of protection might be at play.

Destroying Smartphone Internally Without Breaking: 10 Ways

Destroying Smartphone Internally Without Breaking: 10 Ways

Here are 10 ways to destroy a cell phone internally without breaking it or putting it into water: Completely erase the phone Overwrite hardware controllers Download a destructive virus Use a magnet Remove components Heat the phone up Freeze the phone Kill the circuits Kill the battery Encrypt the phone So if you want to learn all about how to destroy a smartphone internally but not physically, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading! How to Destroy a Smartphone Internally but Not Physically? It’s pretty common for people to look up ways to protect their phones and prevent damage.  It’s less common when people want to deliberately destroy a phone.  Still, the question does arise, and there are a ton of viable answers in response to it. Things get trickier when people ask how to destroy a phone without leaving any signs.  Rather than ask testy questions about why this is important, we can dive into the answers.  At the very least, you have a chance to learn more about how phones work.  And, if you aren’t trying to destroy a phone, consider this a power list of what not to do… ever. #1 Completely Erase the Phone Traditionally, you erase all of your personal data by doing a factory restore.  You can actually go farther and erase any and all operating systems from a phone.  If you do this, there will be nothing for the phone to do.  The hardware will work normally, but nothing will ever load because there is nothing to load. There are a number of programs that can perform this erasure for any user: B-Folders 4 Coolmuster Dr. Fone – Data Eraser (Android) iSkysoft Data Eraser Mobikin Android Data Eraser Vipre Mobile Security Wondershare MobileTrans It will typically require the phone to be plugged into a computer for access.  When you use any of this software, choose to fully erase all partitions.  When it’s done,