Dropping Phone: Affects Phone’s Performance? 

Dropping Phone: Affects Phone's Performance? (All the Info)

In the majority of cases where a phone is dropped, the device is just fine, but it is possible for a drop to damage a phone and affect its performance. These performance differences can range from bricking the phone to cracking the screen to other problems. Ultimately, a lot can go wrong, even if it’s usually fine.

Charging Phone: How Long Does It Take?

Charging Cell Phone: How Long Does It Take? (+ Examples)

Here’s how long it takes to charge a cell phone: The answer depends on many factors, such as the capacity of your battery and the charger you are using. Modern smartphones generally take between 40 minutes and two hours to charge. These are just averages because real charge times vary so much, even between phones … Read more

Dropping Your Phone: What Happens?

Dropping Your Phone: What Happens? (Internal Damage?)

The short answer is, it depends. Many drops are harmless to phones, but some can be completely devastating. The different outcomes depend on how the phone is dropped, how it is designed, and what extra layers of protection might be at play.

How To Destroy a Phone Without Anyone Knowing: 10 Ways

Destroying Smartphone Internally Without Breaking: 10 Ways

If you’ve ever wondered how to destroy a phone without anyone knowing, you’re not alone. Whether you’re looking to destroy an iPhone or Android phone permanently or just want to know how to destroy a phone internally, this comprehensive guide is for you. We’ll delve into 10 foolproof methods that will leave no trace, ensuring … Read more