FaceTime: Calls Automatically End?

Facetime: Calls Automatically End? (8 Reasons)

Here’s everything about FaceTime calls ending automatically after a certain time: The short answer is no. FaceTime is designed to support indefinite call times, and countless users have reported maintaining calls for many hours at a time.  There are a large number of ways a call can end, including when the screen goes dark, but … Read more

Someone Hangs Up on You: What to Do?

Someone Hangs up on You: What Should You Do? (Don't Do This)

Here’s what you should do when someone hangs upon you: Call them back if you think the disconnect was unintentional. If you are confident that they hung up on you on purpose, you will have to gauge whether or not a fast redial would be productive.  If not, you can consider sending a text or … Read more

Phone Calls: Automatically End After Certain Time?

Phone Call Automatically Ends After a Certain Time: Why?

Many things on a phone or carrier network can terminate a call after a certain amount of time. None of these are guaranteed to be in place for any particular user or phone call, but they do exist. Yet more interactions can terminate a call even if they aren’t specifically operating on a timer.

Calling & Hanging Up Before Rings: Seeable?

Hanging up Before Ring-Back Tone: Seeable? (Missed Call)

The primary purpose of the ring-back tone is to let you know how many rings the other person is receiving. While it is usually accurate, it isn’t always 100% accurate. The ring-back tone does not always begin playing immediately, and the other side might already be ringing or vice versa.

Your Phone Rings Once or Twice: Then Hangs Up?

Your Phone Rings Once and Then Hangs Up? (+ What Not to Do)

That might be a scam. It might be a robocall that is programmed to call you for one or two rings and then hang up. The strategy is to take advantage of people’s curiosity. The operator of the robocall wants you to return the call and then pay hefty fees associated with the phone number.