Forced Pairing of Phones in Person of Interest: How?

Forced Pairing of Phones in Person of Interest: How To?

Here’s how forced pairing of phones works like in Person of Interest: While it is possible to hack, clone, and even force pairing with real-world phones, the way this is done in Person of Interest is not realistic. Real-world versions of this technology and these techniques work much more slowly and less reliably. Someone cannot rapidly take over your phone just by being near. So if you want to learn all about how forced pairing happens like in Person of Interest, then this article is for you. Keep reading! What Is the Person of Interest TV Show? Person of Interest is a TV show that ran from 2011 to 2016. It is a drama that incorporates science fiction themes. Across 5 seasons, it ran for 13 episodes. The premise of the show is that a genius computer program developed an algorithm that could take in massive amounts of real-world data and use it all to predict terrorism. The algorithm could find “bad guys” and predict what they were going to try to do. They call this algorithm “The Machine.” In the show, the programmer, Harold Finch, teams up with John Reese, who is a CIA agent and former member of military special forces. In essence, Finch provides the brains while Reese provides the brawn, and together they stop bad guys from doing bad things. Over the course of the show, they pick up more allies, and they eventually come to be known as “Team Machine.” As the show contains science fiction elements, the team often uses technology that is not quite in the scope of real-world tools and abilities. The Machine itself is actually a sentient AI, which demonstrates that while the show is grounded in a feeling of reality, it certainly has unreal elements. How Does Forced Pairing Work on the Person of Interest TV Show? That brings us to today’s question. How does forced pairing work? Well, that’s