DIFX Folder: Meaning?

DIFX Folder: Meaning? (Everything to Know)

The DIFX folder is in older versions of Windows 10 (and before) that houses applications for driver management. It helps your computer communicate with devices that plug into it. If you have up-to-date Windows 10 or 11, the folder is no longer used, and it is perfectly safe to delete it.

Deleting System32 Folder: What Happens?

Deleting System32 Folder: What Happens? (Don't!)

Here’s what happens when you delete the System32 folder in Windows: Just don’t do it. Learn here why it’s a bad idea and what happens if you do it. Let’s get right into it! Why NOT Deleting the System32 Folder in Windows? You may have seen some “delete System32 to make your computer run faster” … Read more