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OnlyFans Need to Add Another Card: Meaning?

Here’s why OnlyFans says you need to add another payment card:

OnlyFans sends this message when a payment method fails.

The payment could fail because of a problem with the card used, the card’s account, technical issues, or a number of other reasons.

Ultimately, if you see this message, you either need to provide a new card or fix the problem with the first card.

So if you want to learn all about how to solve this OnlyFans payment card error message, then this article is for you.

Let’s jump right into it!

OnlyFans Need to Add Another Card: Meaning? (All the Info)

Why Is OnlyFans Telling You to Add Another Payment Card?

This message is pretty straightforward.

It’s telling you that OnlyFans wants a different form of payment.

It is saying this because the card you provided could not be charged for the content you were after.

It’s as simple as that.

There are countless reasons why the charges might have failed, and we’ll go over those next.

But, this message is asking for another card because OnlyFans doesn’t currently have a working way to charge you for content.

What Was Wrong With the First Card? (5 Things)

Now that you clearly understand what the message is trying to tell you, we can go over the root causes.

These are things that go wrong and trigger this message in the first place.

You’ll notice that the ideas below relate to your card.

That’s the most likely problem: your card.

But later, I’ll go over the instances where your card isn’t actually the root of the issue.

#1 Wrong Type

The first and most likely reason that you will see this message from OnlyFans is that your card is not accepted by their system.

There’s a bit to unpack here, so bear with me as I take you through it all.

First, OnlyFans only accepts a few types of cards.

According to their literature, accepted cards include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Maestro, and some prepaid Visa cards.

Unfortunately, they don’t provide more details regarding which prepaid Visa cards are good or not, so you’re on your own there.

Notably, OnlyFans does not accept payment in the form of gift cards, the majority of prepaid cards, or PayPal.

OnlyFans has not explained why this is the accepted list, so that’s as much as I can offer there.

#2 Further Complications

But, this gets a little more complicated.

Technically speaking, OnlyFans is a pornography distributor.

Because of that classification, some card issuers and card companies might further complicate things.

Depending on regulations tied to pornography, certain financial institutions or credit card systems won’t be allowed to work with OnlyFans.

In a lot of cases, this isn’t up to OnlyFans or the credit card company

It’s up to government regulators.

To keep this short, every country makes its own rules in this area, so you’ll need to check the rules in your country to see if it’s a problem.

If it is, you’ll see the same message, and your card won’t work with the site.

#3 Expiration Date

This is normal credit card stuff.

If your card is expired, the OnlyFans payment system will reject it.

That’s what is supposed to happen, and when it does, OnlyFans will request a new card from you.

Keep in mind that for recurring payments, OnlyFans might try to ask for another form of payment if your card is due to expire soon.

This is a convenient feature for both you and the content creator.

It avoids a disruption of payment and delivery that would otherwise occur.

#4 Holds

Have you ever had a credit card rejected when you knew there was plenty of money available with the account?

Did you contact the credit card company?

Odds are, a hold was placed on the card.

This can be annoying, but it happens a lot, and this situation isn’t specific to OnlyFans (although there is a specific thing that I’m going to bring up in a moment).

Any time your credit card company sees suspicious activity on the account, they’ll place a hold on the card.

That will prevent any transactions from going through.

So, if this happens to your OnlyFans card, then the site will ask for a new form of payment.

Here’s how OnlyFans adds a wrinkle.

Remember earlier when I said OnlyFans is pornographic?

Well, a lot of credit card companies automatically flag payments to pornographic sites.

It’s a security feature because stolen cards have been used for this kind of stuff a lot.

So, it’s possible that by trying to use your own card with OnlyFans, it was flagged by your credit card company.

It’s a self-defeating problem, but it does happen.

It’s worthwhile to remember this, as you may need to talk to the credit card company in order to fix the problem.

#5 Funding

OnlyFans accepts credit and debit cards, as long as they are run by the accepted credit card companies.

That creates two reasons your card might be rejected, and I’ll cover them separately.

First, let’s talk about credit cards.

For a credit card, you are given a certain credit cap.

You’ve seen this before.

A card with a $5,000 limit allows you to run up a balance of $5,000 on that specific card.

Once you hit the limit, the card will not accept any more charges until you get the balance back below $5,000.

So, if your card hits a credit limit, it will reject the payment request from OnlyFans, and you’ll see the message.

Debit cards run into a similar issue, but it’s worth noting the distinctions.

A debit card pays a company directly out of the checking account that you have attached to it.

So, if OnlyFans sends a charge to the debit card when your bank account happens to be empty, the charge will be denied (or at least, it should be). 

Once again, you’ll see the message.

You can either add money to the checking account or try another card (or just let the transaction stay canceled). 

Are There Other Reasons for This Onlyfans Need Another Payment Card Message?(2 Reasons)

Those are the primary reasons you’ll get the message, but all of those are related to your credit card.

There are other issues that can trigger a request for alternative payment, and I’ll be covering them below.

#1 Technical Issues

Sometimes, the card isn’t the problem.

Instead, the issue has to do with the technology that processes payments.

If you try to send credit card information and there’s a disruption with your internet connection, it could cause an error, and OnlyFans would end up asking for a different credit card.

The problem can be on the OnlyFans end of things too.

Their servers can run into countless different problems that would prevent them from successfully processing your credit card information.

Depending on the error, the system might think that the problem is with the credit card itself and trigger a message asking for an alternative payment.

#2 External Cancellation

There’s also the chance of external cancellation.

If you cancel your own card, then hopefully, you’re aware of that, and you didn’t need to come here for an explanation.

But, it’s possible for your credit card to be canceled without your knowledge.

If that happens, you’ll run through this OnlyFans situation and need a different card.

There are a couple of different ways that your card could be canceled.

If it’s a joint account, the other member of the account could cancel the card and fail to let you know about this.

This can happen on shared spousal accounts.

It also shows up when parents open up accounts for their children.

A parent might need to cancel the card, and their kid doesn’t realize it until a payment fails to go through.

On a completely different note, cards can be frozen at the request of law enforcement.

For any number of reasons, including complete mistakes, it’s possible that the government killed your credit card, and you were informed by OnlyFans.

What Should You Do? (2 Steps)

That covers the primary reasons you’ll see a message from OnlyFans asking for another payment card.

For the most part, the problem informs the solution.

If your card doesn’t have enough credit on it, then you need to pay down some of your credit card bills before you can use that card again.

You’ll see that each other scenario follows the same type of logic.

But, there are times when the problem isn’t self-evident.

Any time that happens, you have two simple paths forward.

You can simply provide another form of payment, or you can contact support to try to fix the issue with the rejected card.

#1 Try Another Card

It’s the easiest thing by far.

OnlyFans is asking for another card.

So, you can get another card.

Make sure it’s on their approved list, and use that card.

You’ll be fine.

If you can’t use another card for any reason, then you’ll have to do some thinking.

The one thing that is certain is that OnlyFans asked for another form of payment because the first one didn’t work.

If you don’t have another card, you’ll have to resolve the problem with the first one.

#2 Reach Out to Support

That leaves you with two options.

You can talk to your credit card company, or you can talk to OnlyFans.

If you think there’s a problem with your card, go with the credit card company first.

When you talk with them, they can easily review your account.

If there are any holds or cancelations, they can let you know.

They can also inform you of balance problems or any other issues that may have come up.

If they spot a problem that was mentioned previously, then you know what needs to be fixed.

Work with your credit card company for a path to resolution.

If you don’t think your card is the problem, you can reach out to OnlyFans.

They don’t have the fastest tech support in the business, but if the issue is on their end, then there’s only one path forward. 

Let them know exactly what happened.

They’ll ask some additional questions to try to root out the problem.

If the issue really is theirs, then they’ll be the ones to fix it.

Instead, you might find that the problem really is with your card or account, but at least you’ll know that and can proceed accordingly.