Uber or Lyft, No Money on Card: What Happens?

Uber or Lyft, No Money on Card: What Happens? (All the Info)

Generally speaking, you cannot complete a ride request with Uber or Lyft if you have no money on your card. You can use a different card that does contain adequate funds, but the apps are designed to decline ride requests unless payment can be confirmed. If this fails, then you might face overdraft fees.

Payment Gateway Error: Meaning?

In short, this message is telling you that the bank failed to provide approval for a payment request from a merchant. There are a lot of possible reasons why, but when you tried to make the purchase, the bank said no. Sometimes, it’s a simple error like typing the wrong credit card number, but it can be complicated.

Buy In Euros Online: American Debit Card?

Buy In Euros: American Debit Card Online? (All the Info)

Typically speaking, you can buy something in Euros with an American debit card, whether that purchase is online or in person. This is because debit cards are run by credit card companies, and they have systems in place to automatically convert and exchange currency as needed. You just have to accept the charge.

Buying Online in Different Currency: What Happens?

Buy Online in a Different Currency: What Happens?

If you buy something online in a different currency, digital systems usually automate any exchanges that are necessary to complete the transaction. They typically choose the median exchange rate at the time of the purchase. Also, foreign transaction fees are often applied, with some exceptions.

Online Stores: Don’t Require CVV?

Online Stores: Don't Require CVV? (Why and Which?)

The most prolific store that doesn’t require a CVV is Amazon. Plenty of other major online stores like Walmart and Target will often forgo asking for a CVV when you check out. More generally, any online store can skip CVV confirmation whenever they want to, and there are plenty of scenarios where that makes sense.

TST on Credit Card Statement: Meaning?

TST on Credit Card Statement: Meaning? (All the Info)

Here’s what TST means on a credit card statement: So if you want to learn all about what TST is exactly, why they charge your credit card, and whether TST is safe, then you’re in the right place. Let’s get started! What is TST? f the letters “TST” appear on a credit card statement and … Read more

Epoch on Credit Card Statement: Meaning?

Epoch on Credit Card Statement: Meaning? (Safe?)

Epoch is a payment service provider, and they pass bills on from webshops to you. You can think of Epoch as being similar to PayPal. Some charges are hard to recognize, but they are legitimate, and your security is intact. A name that comes up often in this situation is Epoch.