Processed Through Sort Facility: Meaning? (All the Info)

Processed Through Sort Facility: Meaning?

Here’s what the message “Processed through sort facility” means: This means that the package is in the right country and has been processed. From there, it simply needs to be shipped to your local package facility—such as a local post office—and then delivered to you. All of this can still take multiple days, but at this point, the package is closer than not to being delivered. So if you want to learn all about the meaning of the message “Processed through sort facility,” then you’re in the right place. Let’s jump right into it! Where Will You See the Message “Processed Through Sort Facility”? “Processed through sort facility” is an update that you are likely to see on tracking websites. If you’re watching a shipment that is run through a carrier like USPS or DHL, you might see this message in your list of tracking updates. As with any other message you can see through package tracking, it’s aiming to give you an update as to the status of your package. What Does the Message “Processed Through Sort Facility” Mean? Specifically, this message is telling you about a specific part of the overall journey that the package has to take to get from sender to receiver. Not all packages will actually need to go through a sort facility, but any package that is going through major shipping hubs will likely have this update at some point along the way. This message is telling you that the package was received at a sorting facility. It went through standard processing procedures, and it is ready to board a vehicle and move along to the next stop on its journey. This is not telling you that the package will soon be delivered. Rather, this is an intermediate step along the way (usually), and you’re seeing this update so that you know that progress is being made, even if final delivery is not imminent.

United States Arrived the Local Courier Facility: Meaning?

United States Arrived the Local Courier Facility: Meaning?

This is an uncommon message that is likely informing you that an international package has cleared import hurdles and is now located at a local facility within the United States. In general, it’s just an update that is showing you that the shipping process is humming along without any grave errors.

Item Presented to Import Customs: Meaning? (All the Info)

Item Presented to Import Customs: Meaning?

The message “item presented to import customs” is telling you that your item has arrived in your country, but it is being held up at customs. This is a typical delay in the shipping process, and in most cases, customs will release the package to finish its delivery within a few days of you seeing this update.

USPS Postage Due: Meaning? (Scam?)

USPS Postage Due: Meaning?

There are times when the USPS will deliver a package even though the postage wasn’t paid correctly. In this case, you might receive a package with a written notice saying that more postage is due. In that case, it’s not a scam.

DHL Says Customs Status Updated: Meaning? (Stuck?)

DHL Says Customs Status Updated: Meaning?

This message is telling you that your package is currently in processing at a customs facility, but it has not finished the process and is not yet cleared for shipment. There are many reasons why you might see this, but all of them are tied to unexpected delays. The challenge is that DHL is not in control.

Forever 21 Packages Come Early: Possible? (All the Info)

Forever 21 Packages Coming Early: Possible?

Forever 21 packages can and have come early to any number of customers. That said, it is not a standardized or normal occurrence, and reports of early delivery can largely be chalked up to good luck. A few factors can make it more likely that your package will come early, but ultimately, it’s uncommon.

Shein Delivers Early: How Accurate is Shein's Tracking?

Shein Delivers Early: Shein’s Tracking Accurate?

Shein is known to overestimate delivery times, and many customers report getting their items before the expected delivery date. Despite that, it’s fair to say that Shein’s order tracking is relatively accurate and reliable. It uses methodologies on par with other major shipping entities, like Amazon or FedEx.