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What is Right to Repair: Tech With Tech’s Role

Discover the growing Right to Repair movement with Tech With Tech’s Theresa McDonough, advocating for consumer choice, accessibility, and competition in the repair industry. Learn about the movement’s objectives, benefits, and global impact. Empower yourself to fix your devices and save money.

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Phone Repair Shops Need Your Password? (It Depends)

Phone Repair Shops: Needing Password?

For the most part, phone repair shops do need your password. It is necessary to access the general functions of the phone, which is necessary to run tests, diagnose problems, perform repairs and test the repairs. There are some instances where the password is not needed, but they come up infrequently.

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Best Cell Phone Battery Manufacturers: Which? (+ Why So)

Best Cell Phone Battery Manufacturers: Which?

There is not a clear best manufacturer for cell phone batteries. Virtually all smartphones use similar lithium-ion technology these days, and the best lithium-ion battery manufacturers are more interested in electric cars. That said, Samsung can arguably claim to be the best, with a few others close behind.

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Best Color for Cell Phone: Which? (Everything to Know)

Best Color for Cell Phone: Which?

Choosing your cell phone color is not a trivial decision at all. Colors reflected from your phone actually distort the colors you see on your smart screen—that is unless your phone is black. Thus, black is a popular choice. But consciously or unconsciously, our choice of color is mainly making a personal statement.

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