Naruto Fans: Best Ways to Anger Them?

Here’s everything about the best ways to anger Naruto fans:

The best way to anger Naruto fans is to downplay or ridicule the show itself.

Suggest that other anime series are better (particularly the other members of the Big Three), that favorite characters are overrated, or that other characters would beat Naruto characters.

Or, point out the weak ending in Naruto.

So if you want to learn all about what really makes Naruto fans annoyed, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s get into it!

Naruto Fans: Best Ways to Anger Them? (9 Ways)

What Is Naruto?

Itachi-Naruto Anime

Before we go starting a war with the Naruto fandom, it might be prudent to learn a little bit about Naruto.

After all, a lot of my suggestions for ways to anger Naruto fans won’t make much sense unless you have a little bit of background knowledge.

With that in mind, let’s talk about Naruto for a minute.

Naruto is a manga that covers the story of a young ninja named Naruto.

It’s his goal to become the leader of his village, and on the journey to achieve that goal, he goes on many adventures, fights in various battles, and even becomes a leader in a great war.

It’s a long story, and ultimately, it’s one of the most popular manga series of all time.

The manga was also adapted into an anime, and this is a good time for a short explanation.

In Japan, manga are basically like comic books.

Manga series are published on a regular basis, and they are serialized.

Popular manga are often adapted into anime series.

Anime, of course, is a word that describes animated shows that are produced in Japan.

In the case of Naruto, the anime and manga largely cover the same plot points.

Because of that, I’m going to focus on the Naruto anime today.

Most of what I have to say would apply to the manga too, but the anime has a lager following, and most fans of the manga are also fans of the anime.

So, it makes more sense to focus on the anime.

Considering all of that, it’s also important for me to issue a spoiler warning.

Some of my ideas will rely on plot points in the show.

If you’re worried about spoilers, now is a good time to stop reading.

What Are the Best Ways to Make Naruto Fans Mad? (9 Ways)

female teenage cosplayer in the character of Naruto

Now that you are properly informed, we can get into it.

Below you will find the best ways to make Naruto fans mad.

#1 Insult Naruto Fans’ Favorite Character

Naruto anime character

Naruto has some of the most well-known and loved characters in all of anime, and fans of any particular character tend to feel a strong attachment.

A handful of particularly popular characters include Itachi, the 4th Hokage, and Kakashi.

You don’t actually need to know who these characters (or any others) actually are to understand that fans really love their favorite characters.

Any derogatory or unflattering comments are sure to raise a stink in no time.

If you happen to know a person’s favorite Naruto character, then it’s easier to poke fun at that character and get a quick rise out of your Naruto fan.

#2 Compare Naruto to Other Anime and Manga Series

silhouette of anime characters standing in line in the sunset

Picking on characters tends to rile up any fanbase though.

If a person has a favorite, and you comment negatively on that favorite, they might take it personally.

With Naruto fans, there’s a specific way that you can anger them that doesn’t apply as widely to other fandoms and franchises.

You can directly compare Naruto to other series.

In particular, Naruto is often related to the other “Big Three.”

Back in the early 2000s, there were three anime series that really rose to the top in terms of popularity.

Those three were Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece.

While each series is easily distinguished from the others—one is about pirates, another about ninjas, and the third about soul reapers—they have certain narrative parallels, and they all rose to prominence around the same time.

Plenty of other shows have come and gone over the years, but the Big Three are still compared to each other.

If you want an easy way to needle at Naruto fans, simply talk about how much you love Bleach or One Piece, or why either series is better.

One of the easiest angles to take would be to talk about why pirates are cooler than ninjas.

It’s a classic pop-culture debate anyway, and it ties into the Big Three comparison very easily (One Piece is about pirates, in case you didn’t know).

#3 Make Fun of “Naruto Running”

young lady watching favorite tv show eating popcorn laughing out loud and sitting comfortably in the sofa

If you’re familiar with the concept, then you should know that making fun of Naruto running is an easy way to annoy fans of the series.

If you don’t already know, then allow me a moment to explain what this means.

In the Naruto anime (and to a lesser extent the manga), the characters have super-human abilities.

Among these abilities is the ability to run very fast and jump very far.

In fact, the characters run so fast that the air drag pushes their arms straight behind them as they go.

It looks like this.

Within the context of the anime, it doesn’t look completely ridiculous.

The problem is that there are people in the real world who have decided to run like characters from the anime.

These individuals are playfully called “Naruto runners,” and when you run with your arms pinned back in real life, it looks awkward at best.

There are tons of memes around this idea, and the internet is never short on jokes about Naruto runners.

You can browse some for a good laugh if you like.

But sticking to our original goal, you can make fun of Naruto running, and fans of the show will have no choice but to roll their eyes.

Some die-hard fans might try to explain to you why it actually makes sense to run that way.

If they do, it just means that you win.

It might be fine for anime characters to run like that, but it’s not reasonable for people to Naruto run in real life.

Real-life Naruto runners are a stigma that the fans just have to live with.

More on Naruto Running

You can actually push even further on Naruto running.

You can make fun of the animation too.

As I said before, it doesn’t look nearly as awkward in anime as it does in real life, but that doesn’t mean that it looks entirely natural.

After all, the concept of animating characters in this way was originally created to save money on animation.

Production studios found that by leaving the arms still during running, animating the entire process was easier and faster and therefore cheaper.

While that doesn’t necessarily apply to Naruto (the original manga introduced the “Naruto run” as a way to try to make the ninjas look cooler before the anime had even begun original production), the concept of the “Naruto run” is still awkward at best.

Making fun of anime fans doing the run is one thing, but if you really want to get someone’s blood boiling, then ridicule their favorite character doing the run.

#4 Say That Boruto Is Better

smiling woman with laptop looking excited about something

The Naruto anime ran from 2002 to 2017.

That’s 15 years of ninja adventures, and the show was immensely popular the entire time.

When it ended, there was a void in the anime universe, and the producers of Naruto had a plan to fill that void.

They came up with a sequel to the anime.

The sequel would be about Naruto’s son, Boruto.

The anime would be named after Boruto, and it would keep the Naruto fandom happy.

On paper, this might sound like a reasonable idea.

In execution, Boruto has not entirely been well received.

The anime was notoriously slow for the first couple of years of production, and overall, the storylines and events were considered inferior to the source material.

Overall, Naruto fans tend to ridicule and look down on Boruto (even though many of them still watch it).

If you suggest that Boruto is the superior anime, you’re going to get an earful.

If you want bonus points, then only refer to Naruto as “Boruto’s dad.”

It should go over well.

#5 Make Sakura Jokes

Happy teen using laptop on the floor at home

In case you don’t know, Sakura is one of the most prominent characters in Naruto.

She is on a team with Sasuke and Naruto, and she eventually trains in medical ninjutsu with one of the most famous ninjas of all time.

With that training, Sakura is talked up (within the show) to be a super powerful and capable ninja.

She’s supposed to be world-class at this stuff.

Despite that, she’s always just the fourth wheel on her team.

While Naruto and Sasuke go on to do great things, Sakura is usually just watching.

Even the team’s leader, Kakaashi, becomes an extraordinary ninja who helps save the world.

Meanwhile, Sakura is rarely given a chance to shine, and her contributions are always minimal.

As a result, she is the ultimate Naruto meme.

The memes usually suggest that Saskura is useless (even though that’s a bit of an unfair stretch).

The point they’re really trying to make is that Sakura, as a character, was neglected and never really given the credit fans expected.

This makes Sakura an easy point of attack.

You can make fun of how useless she is.

You can comment on how she’s a prime example of how the Naruto series doesn’t really give much credit to its female characters.

Or, you can suggest that Sakura is the best character in the show (she definitely isn’t).

There are a lot of opportunities, and most of them result in angry Naruto fans.

#6 Comment on Dubs vs. Subs

annoyed young woman with laptop at home

This is more of a general anime issue, but it applies to Naruto as well.

Naruto was originally produced in Japan.

I’m writing this in English.

Odds are that you aren’t fluent in Japanese.

Even if you are, there are many Naruto fans who don’t speak Japanese at all.

If you’re going to watch a foreign show when you don’t understand the language, then you’re going to depend on translations.

By and large, there are two ways to do this.

The show can use dubs where English voice actors record lines that are inserted into the show.

Or, you can use subtitles, retaining the original Japanese voice lines but providing written translations that viewers can use in real-time.

Naturally, these options spark endless debates.

There are fans who will swear by the dubs and say that they are the best way to watch the show.

Meanwhile, there are fans who suggest that the dubbed voice acting is familiar, so subs are the only valid way to watch.

Regardless of your own feelings, mentioning the superiority of either dubs or subs will spark a debate every time, and emotions can get heated.

#7 Point Out Naruto’s Terrible Ending

woman with glasses looking annoyed holding a digital tablet

I’m going to spoil the end of Naruto right here and now, and if you don’t already know the story then you’re going to think that I’m exaggerating or making fun of the show.

I’m not. This is literally how it went.

Naruto had to fight the leader of an evil organization (called the Akatsuki).

The leader of that organization went by the name of Pain.

Naruto and Pain had an epic fight, but Naruto won.

Upon winning, we find out that Pain was actually a puppet being controlled by the true leader of the Akatsuki, Nagato.

Nagato was the real mastermind, but Naruto was able to talk Nagato down, and Nagato (who was already nearing death), gave up his life to undo some of the damage he had caused.

That’s a bittersweet, good ending, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the end.

When Nagato dies, we find out that he was actually being manipulated behind the scenes by a character named Tobi.

Tobi was the secret, shadow leader of the Akatsuki. 

So, things happen and Naruto (with the help of Kakashi) eventually stops and defeats Tobi.

We’re all done!

No, we’re not done.

It turns out that Tobi was secretly being manipulated the whole time by a different character named Madara.

You might think that we’re pushing the limits of how many times a narrative can pull this same move, but we’re not done yet.

Madara is defeated.

Upon his defeat, we learn that he was secretly being manipulated by Zetsu.

Zetsu was really pulling all of the strings all along.

So, they stop Zetsu.

It’s still not done.

Zetsu was actually manipulated by Kaguya.

She literally created Zetsu for the purpose of running this seven-layer dip of manipulation all so that she could someday take over the world.

Anyway, Kaguya is defeated and the world is saved.

How many times did Naruto pull the same trick of “That’s not actually the bad guy. This is the real bad guy!?”

It happened five times.

Five ultimate villains proved to just be puppets of the real mastermind.

It’s a bit ridiculous, and even fans of Naruto tend to admit that it didn’t really work as a cohesive story.

The point is, you can bring that up, and it will take the wind out of the sails of any Naruto fan.

#8 Insult the Fight Scenes in Naruto

anime explosive fight scene in naruto

There are many different genres of anime, but the most popular is probably shonen.

This is a type of anime that focuses on ridiculous action sequences, usually where characters have unique special powers, and the main character has to go on a journey of growth and discovery in order to be strong enough to defeat a final villain.

The concept is common, but there are a lot of different shonen stories out there, and considering the emphasis on action, there are some spectacular fight sequences across the genre.

Naruto is very much a shonen anime, and it has a lot of fights, but interestingly enough, modern anime fans usually don’t hold Naruto fights in high regard.

Some of that has to do with the age of the series.

New animation techniques are allowing new shows to constantly one-up each other in an arms race of spectacle and entertaining action.

Another reason is that the poorly written ending of Naruto tends to detract from aspects of the series that were actually quite good.

But for a committed Naruto fan, none of that matters.

To them, Naruto has the best fight scenes, and they’ll defend that position.

Interestingly enough, they might have some good points.

There are compelling breakdowns of Naruto fights that show just how uniquely the show was able to tell stories through action sequences (this video is NOT safe for work).

Regardless, if you want to pick a fight with a Naruto fan, suggest that the fight scenes aren’t very good.

#9 Talk About Characters From Other Franchises Beating Naruto in a Fight

group of young people talking about an interesting topic

It’s a classic.

Ever since the first child in history suggested that their dad could beat up another dad, humanity has engaged in this conversation.

And in the modern age, we pit characters from one fictional universe against characters from another.

This definitely comes up a lot among shonen anime fans, and considering the popularity of Naruto, the characters are discussed frequently.

The simple truth is that there is no logical solution to these discussions.

You’re pitting fictional characters against each other.

Logic doesn’t apply.

But, there is an easy way to annoy a fan of a piece of fiction.

Suggest that their favorite character is somehow inferior because that character would lose a fight to Superman or someone else…

By all means, Naruto fans are capable of having fun with these conversations, but when you go after favorite characters like this, it can feel like an attack, and it might prove annoying at best.