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Naruto Adult vs. Sasuke Adult: Winner?

Here’s who would win in a fight between Naruto and Sasuke as adults:

It largely depends on what point they fight as adults.

In the early stages of the Boruto series, Naruto would very likely win the fight.

But, as the storyline progresses, both Naruto and Sasuke are weakened by extreme battles.

After this, the fight would be very close and Sasuke might actually hold the advantage.

So if you want to learn all about who would win in a battle between Naruto and Sasuke as adults, then this is the article for you.

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Naruto Adult vs. Sasuke Adult: Winner? (All the Info)

Have Naruto and Sasuke Fought As Adults?

This question is interesting because there’s already a canon answer.

Most people might think that Naruto and Sasuke were kids throughout the original manga run, but that’s not actually correct.

They were both considered young adults during the events of the fourth ninja war and beyond.

If you’ve watched Naruto Shippuden or read the original manga, you might remember that Naruto and Sasuke actually fought several times throughout the series.

The very first time they fight, Kakashi intervenes, but based on the damage done by each attack, Naruto actually takes an unofficial victory.

They don’t fight again until after they train for a few years.

In that first meeting, Sasuke is clearly superior to Naruto.

It’s not even close, but again, it’s not a decisive fight.

It’s at this point that you could already argue that they are young adults, but a lot of development happens after this point, so we don’t have to settle for this pseudo fight as an answer.

After their first fight in Shippuden, the characters meet a few more times, but they actually avoid directly fighting each other until the final arc is complete.

Sasuke works with the rest of Team 7 to defeat Kaguya, the ultimate villain of the story, and they succeed.

It’s only after that is all settled that Sasuke and Naruto finally have an epic fight to resolve their differences.

Naruto wants to become the Hokage and have Sasuke return to the village.

Sasuke wants to destroy the Kage system and create a whole new system.

They have an enormous battle to determine which way they go, and each character uses all of the power and ability he has gained up to this point.

It’s a vicious fight, and they each lose an arm in the process, but Naruto is the clear winner.

At peak strength, Naruto is decisively stronger than Sasuke.

It’s worth noting that this is after the great war arc.

The two have grown considerably, and the general consensus among all of the characters in the Naruto universe is that they are young adults.

They are not children.

So, if we accept this as an answer, then Naruto would win. 

But, that’s not all there is to consider, so let’s keep digging until we have a more complete answer.

Do Naruto and Sasuke Fight in Boruto?

Boruto starts with Naruto and Sasuke being the de facto leaders of the ninja world, each with a child (Naruto actually has two kids) who is old enough to begin formal ninja training.

There’s no question that they’re both adults at this point, and the show constantly shows how both Naruto and Sasuke have grown since the end of the original storyline.

As an example, when Naruto and Sasuke had their final fight, Naruto needed to use clones to make his rasengans.

In Boruto, Naruto can easily make a rasengan with one hand.

Clearly, his mastery of ninjutsu has continued to advance, and the same is true for Sasuke.

In fact, we know that they’re both considerably stronger because of one of the main story arcs in Boruto.

Naruto and Sasuke team up to fight a few enemies who are related to Kaguya and who are claimed to be even stronger than she was.

These are multiple enemies that are considered to be gods in this universe, and Naruto and Sasuke make short work of them.

In fact, they are so in control of the situation during this battle that Naruto is able to help his son, Boruto, strike the final blow.

The fight is intended to show that Naruto and Sasuke have not grown soft.

They are actually much stronger than they were at the end of the original series.

The question is, does that change things?

Is Naruto still clearly stronger than Sasuke after all of this development?

Boruto doesn’t have the two fight each other in a no holds barred conflict, so there is not a canon answer.

I can’t tell you with absolute certainty who would win, but there are some answers we can glean from the information in Naruto.

At What Point in the Story Are Naruto and Sasuke Fighting? (2 Events)

Before I can really answer the question as to who would win, we have to narrow down the timeline.

You see, Naruto and Sasuke continue to grow throughout Boruto, and Naruto, in particular, gets a major powerup during the story.

While Naruto has this powerup available, it’s pretty easy to say that he would defeat Sasuke, so we have to take that into consideration.

The big thing I’m talking about is baryon mode.

If you aren’t familiar with baryon mode, then let’s pause for a minute.

My explanation from here on contains major spoilers for the plot of Boruto.

I didn’t give you a spoiler warning for Naruto, since the show and manga both ended some years ago, but Boruto is an ongoing project.

If you want to avoid spoilers, stop now. This is the last warning.

#1 Before Baryon Mode

Let’s talk about baryon mode. 

There comes a point in Boruto where Naruto and Sasuke are faced with an enemy that they cannot overcome.

This enemy is so powerful that they are completely overwhelmed.

When all hope seems lost, Kurama (the nine-tailed fox) mentions to Naruto that there is an ultimate technique that can save them.

It’s a high-risk technique, and they’ll probably only be able to use it once.

This technique is called baryon mode, and it converts life force into chakra for stronger fighting.

Naruto, believing that he will die as a result, agrees to use baryon mode.

The powerup is massive and instantaneous.

He makes short work of this greatest enemy, but it comes at a price.

The big twist is that Naruto doesn’t die.

Instead, Kurama was converting his life energy, and he dies.

So, this is a big deal.

If Naruto and Sasuke were to fight before this point, Naruto would probably win.

Even though both he and Sasuke show considerable growth up to this point in the story, Naruto had already proven that his abilities were able to match and exceed those of Sasuke.

They can clearly both use their skills better, more efficiently, more cleverly, and more effectively, but they’re largely working with the same set of skills.

It’s fair to assume that Naruto would win.

The more convincing fact is that if Kurama is alive, then baryon mode is available.

If a fight with Sasuke pushed Naruto far enough, then Kurama would probably still activate baryon mode.

It would come with the same price, but there is no point in any of the stories so far where Sasuke would stand a chance against Naruto in baryon mode.

Let’s remember that the enemy that pushed them so far easily defeated the two of them together.

Baryon mode saved the day, not Sasuke.

#2 After Baryon Mode

But, after baryon mode is finished, Naruto no longer has access to Kurama or his chakra.

Kurama really does die from it, and this represents a major hit to Naruto’s strength.

Sure, he’s still one of the strongest ninjas of all time without Kurama, but there’s no question that Kurama offered Naruto a massive powerup.

Considering this, you might assume that a fight after baryon mode is a clear win for Sasuke, but that’s not actually the case.

In the same fight where Kurama dies, Sasuke’s rinnegan is destroyed.

It’s fair to say that losing the rinnegan is as big a loss for Sasuke as losing Kurama was for Naruto.

The consequences of this battle leave each fighter severely nerfed and a lot less powerful than they were before.

The truth is that after baryon mode, the question remains ambiguous. 

So, Who Wins Between Naruto and Sasuke?

Here’s the thing that really matters.

Both characters received major power decreases on purpose.

It wasn’t just Naruto or Sasuke who took the hit.

They took losses in the same battle for a reason.

The idea is that they remain close in power and ability.

This mirrors the side-by-side growth they exhibited in the original series.

The entire point of having them both get hurt at the same time is to keep them in the same league as each other.

It also serves to increase dramatic tension in Boruto.

There is no longer a pair of untouchable super ninjas around to defeat every enemy and keep everyone safe.

With all of that said, I still haven’t given you a straight answer.

There is no canon answer, and if Naruto and Sasuke were to fight at this point, it would probably be an incredibly close fight.

Despite the closeness of it all, I would give a very slight edge to Sasuke at this point.

Because Naruto was at his fastest when using Kurama’s chakra, he took a major hit to his maximum speed.

In a fight without Kurama, Naruto would probably have a much harder time dealing with Sasuke’s fastest eye jutsus (like Amaterasu). 

Also, without Kurma living inside of him, Naruto is a lot more vulnerable to genjutsu.

He’s an amazing ninja, so regular genjutsu probably won’t work.

But, Tsukyomi and other top-tier genjutsus might work.