Muzan Kibutsuji vs. Deku: Winner?

Here’s who would win in a fight between Muzan Kibutsuji and Deku:

It’s hard to make too many direct comparisons between these characters because the nature of how fights are portrayed in each series is so different.

Considering that, it’s likely that Muzan is too fast, durable, and difficult to kill.

He would be able to defeat Deku in virtually any variation of this matchup.

So if you want to learn all about who’d emerge victorious in a battle between Muzan and Deku, then this article is for you.

Let’s get right into it!

Muzan Kibutsuji vs. Deku: Winner? (Everything to Know)

Who Is Muzan Kibutsuji? (2 Sections)

If you don’t recognize the name, Muzan is the main antagonist in the Demon Slayer series.

There is both a manga and an anime adaptation, and he is the principal bad guy in both.

Before I go on, it’s important to stop and warn you about this discussion.

In order to talk about who would win this fight, I have to cover the abilities of both Muzan and Deku.

Doing so will include major spoilers for both Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia.

If you aren’t fully caught up on both mangas, then it’s probably best if you stop here and come back later.

I don’t want to ruin either story for you.

With that covered, we can get deeper into Muzan and his abilities.

I’ll break down his basic character in the next section.

Following that, I’ll discuss his fighting abilities and how they might compare to characters in other series.

#1 Muzan’s Story

In the Demon Slayer anime, we still don’t know much about Muzan.

We know that he’s the head of all of the demons, and we know that demons are made by using his blood.

We also know that with very few exceptions, he can control all of the demons.

But, we’ve never seen him fight, and we don’t really know his backstory.

In the manga, things are much more developed.

We know that Muzan is 5,000 years old, and he was originally human.

He had a terminal illness, and a rare plant was used to treat it.

The result of the treatment turned him into a demon, and from that moment on, his blood was able to transform other humans into demons.

Freed from his illness, he devoted his efforts to finding freedom from all threats of mortality, which in his case mostly meant finding a way to withstand sunlight.

In his pursuits, he proved himself to be the most ruthless character in the series, more than happy to throw away the lives of anyone if it will further his aims.

Muzan also has unparalleled strength in the series.

While there are a handful of demons that exhibit extraordinary powers, they all pale in comparison to Muzan.

He’s the pinnacle of power and ability in the world of Demon Slayer.

#2 Muzan’s Abilities

That might become clear as I explain Muzan’s abilities to you.

As a demon, he is nearly impossible to kill.

He will regenerate from any wound, and as the demon king, his regeneration is faster than any other.

The only two ways to kill him are with sunlight or the special blades wielded by demon slayers.

Nothing else will put him down for good.

On top of that, his blood is poison.

It turns humans into demons and demons into stronger demons, and with his regeneration, he can weaponize it as he sees fit.

When his blood does transform someone into a demon, they are subjected to his will and cannot obey anyone else but him.

There are a handful of exceptions to this rule, the most notable being Nezuko.

Muzan is also super strong and fast.

All demons have speed and strength beyond that of humans, but Muzan is on a completely different level.

He consistently moves so fast that even trained demon slayers can’t see the movements.

He also is much faster than characters (such as Nezuko) who have dodged lightning itself. 

That means that he moves at relativistic speeds with ease.

Muzan has plenty of other abilities, like telepathy, but in a one-on-one fight against Deku, these are the ones that would probably matter the most.

Who Is Deku? (2 Parts)

Deku is the main protagonist in My Hero Academia.

Once again, there is a manga and an anime adaptation, and we’ll be pulling from both.

Deku’s abilities are more advanced in the manga, as it’s the source material, and I won’t be ignoring those displays of power.

In order to get useful information about Muzan, I had to delve into the manga, so it only seems fair that I do the same with My Hero Academia.

With that in mind, let’s get into Deku’s story, and then I’ll go over his abilities.

#1 Deku’s Story

In the world of My Hero Academia, there are professional heroes with special abilities.

The most famous of them all goes by the name of All Might.

His biggest fan is a kid named Midoriya.

Midoriya’s dream is to become a hero as great as All Might, but he has a problem.

He has no special skills, and in his day and age, that’s rare.

So, Midoriya sets out to see if one can become a truly great hero without any special abilities.

Before he even has the chance to really find his own way, he instinctively leaps into danger to save a child.

All Might happens to be nearby and saves them both.

All Might is impressed by Midoriya’s bravery and shares a secret with him.

All Might was also born without any special abilities.

He was actually chosen as a successor to the most powerful of all abilities, One for All, and he has the ability to choose a successor of his own.

He chooses Midoriya, and the hero known as Deku is born.

#2 Deku’s Abilities

All of Deku’s superpowers stem from his single quirk: One for All.

This quirk gives the user super strength and speed on a scale that is unmatched in the world of My Hero Academia.

At his peak, All Might is easily the strongest hero in the world, and Deku eventually surpasses All Might.

In fact, One for All is so powerful that when Deku first uses it, his strength is able to break his own bones and damage his own body, despite being the one with the superpower.

Deku is fast enough that he can easily dodge bullets.

Some estimates put his speed at 100 times that of a bullet fired from a gun.

Deku can also punch and kick hard enough to create concussive air.

A flick of his fingers can essentially cause explosions, he moves the air so violently.

That sums up Deku’s superpowers, but there’s a little more to him.

Deku proves to be a master analyst and strategist.

He’s quickly able to sum up his opponents and craft unique strategies to take them down, all based on the circumstances at hand.

He consistently proves that his mental abilities are at least as valuable as his physical abilities, and it’s worth listing here.

Who Would Win the Fight Between Muzan and Deku? (3 Scenarios)

The stage is set.

Now we can get into the fight itself.

Who would win this matchup?

This partially depends on whether or not we consider manga feats for the fight.

As I said before, I had to include manga feats to have any real information on Muzan, so I think it’s only fair that we include as much information as is available for each character.

With that in mind, I’ll explain the ways each character could win.

Then, I’ll pick who I think would legitimately be the victor in this fight.

#1 The Case for Deku

Deku’s big thing is strength, but the manga isn’t finished yet.

We don’t know the full extent of Deku’s powers.

We only know that he ultimately surpasses All Might.

From what we have seen, Deku arguably has greater raw strength than Muzan, even as an underdeveloped kid.

Deku’s various smash attacks wreak absolute devastation, and they would likely tear Muzan to bits.

Muzan has recovery, so he would endure a lot of these smashes, but it’s possible that Deku could incapacitate Muzan over and over again until the sun rises.

If he can do that, he will be the victor.

#2 The Case for Muzan

The challenge for Deku is that Muzan’s speed feats dramatically outscale those of One for All.

While Deku is a hundred times faster than a bullet, Muzan is faster than lightning.

It would be very difficult for Deku to ever land one of his devastating hits.

In the meantime, Deku can’t directly kill Muzan.

Muzan can regenerate no matter how much damage he sustains.

Unless Deku can figure out Muzan’s weakness to sunlight, Muzan is going to win the fight.

It’s a simple matter of speed and attrition.

My Final Verdict

It’s incredibly likely that Muzan wins this fight.

He’s such a merciless character that he rarely hesitates to kill an enemy quickly.

The only way Deku could win the fight is to figure out how to put Muzan down for good.

Considering Muzan’s speed, Deku won’t really get that chance.

Deku is very strong and smart, but Muzan can blitz him down.

Even if Deku has more raw strength, Muzan is more than capable of inflicting damage on Deku.

Overall, I think the speed mismatch makes this fight untenable for Deku.