Microsoft Doesn’t Have PDF Editor: Why?

Microsoft Doesn't Have PDF Editor: Why? (All the Info)

Here’s why Microsoft doesn’t have a PDF editor: Microsoft never formally explained why they haven’t launched a PDF editor, but it’s probably because they never deemed it to be a cost-effective solution. Developing PDF editors is expensive, and it’s a saturated market. Microsoft probably never saw large profit potential for undergoing the development process. So … Read more

Microsoft Doesn’t Do More About Piracy: Why?

Microsoft Doesn't Do More About Piracy: Why? (All the Info)

Here’s why Microsoft doesn’t do anything more about the piracy of its products: Microsoft really doesn’t have to do more to fight piracy. Even in the face of widespread piracy, Microsoft is one of the most successful tech companies of all time and makes billions of dollars every year. On top of that, the modern … Read more

Microsoft Has Debt: Why?

Microsoft Has Debt: Why? (Everything to Know)

Here’s why Microsoft has debt: Microsoft has debt because it uses tax advantages and business practices that make the debt more cost-effective than just paying out of pocket for everything. Basically, Microsoft can invest cash for a higher interest rate than it gets charged by lenders. That plus tax advantages makes debit an appealing option. … Read more

EXE File: How to Edit?

EXE File: How to Edit? (All You Need to Know)

To edit a .exe file, simply open it with an editing tool and make whatever changes you like. You might first need to take ownership of the file before you will be allowed to do this. To successfully edit a .exe file, master computer programming so that you can make subtle changes without breaking the file.

Deleting System32 Folder: What Happens?

Deleting System32 Folder: What Happens? (Don't!)

Here’s what happens when you delete the System32 folder in Windows: Just don’t do it. Learn here why it’s a bad idea and what happens if you do it. Let’s get right into it! Why NOT Deleting the System32 Folder in Windows? You may have seen some “delete System32 to make your computer run faster” … Read more