Medical Students: Best Online Jobs?

Here’s everything about the best online jobs for medical students:

What would be a perfect job for a medical student?

It would need to be flexible, pay competitively, reinforce what they are studying in school, and ideally, probably be an online position.

From freelance writing to online research, there are many jobs that are potentially ideal for a medical student.

So if you want to learn all about the range of online jobs that medical students can do, then this article is for you.

Let’s get started!

Medical Students: Best Online Jobs? (11 Options)

What Challenges Do Med Students Face When Looking for Work?

It’s not easy to hold down a job while you’re in medical school.

In fact, many schools and instructors frown upon it.

They don’t want you to do anything that distracts you from your studies. 

Along that line of thinking, many would suggest that spending your extra time studying can help you improve your ranking and land a better position when you finish school.

It sounds compelling, but sometimes you need more income just to survive.

That’s why a lot of medical students try to work in labs or hospitals when they have the time, but a lot of those jobs aren’t flexible enough to support the med student life.

Simply put, your time is precious, and you don’t get a lot of it.

On top of that, your schedule is bound to fluctuate from semester to semester.

Even from week to week, you need the freedom to have an extra-long study session now and then.

Very few jobs can accommodate all of this, but there is a growing range of online jobs that offer work on a freelance basis.

You can pick your own hours. You can choose how much work you do and even what kind of work you accept.

If you can find the right online jobs, they can solve a lot of problems, all at the same time.

What Are the Best Online Jobs for Medical Students? (11 Jobs)

So, what exactly should a med student look for in an online job?

Obviously, flexibility is paramount, and every job listed below is highly flexible.

At least, there are versions of each job that are highly flexible.

The pay varies, but with most of these jobs, you get paid by how much you accomplish.

So, if you can do the job efficiently, there’s an opportunity to make a decent effective hourly wage.

Most of all, as a med student, the best jobs help to reinforce your education in some way or another.

That’s why positions in medical labs and hospitals are so great for med students.

All of the jobs listed below take all of these ideas into account.

It is at least feasible to focus the work on medicine and/or the healthcare industry.

Some will expand your insights into how the industry works.

Others will laser focus on medical topics that help you with your studies.

With all of that considered, let’s explore 10 of the best online jobs for medical students.

#1 Medical Scribe

Traditionally, a medical scribe pairs with a doctor and handles writing down notes and charting information for the doctor.

It’s a bit of a partnered relationship, and it helps free up some of the physician’s time that is normally spent on forms and writing.

There are online versions of this job that offer part-time work and more flexibility.

The gist of the position is still the same.

A medical scribe will handle the physical writing component of aspects of a physician’s workload.

#2 Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist works in very similar ways to a scribe, but there are key distinctions.

Instead of working alongside a single doctor, a transcriptionist will take audio recordings and write them out as scripts.

This work extends well beyond medical professions, but a medical student can focus specifically on transcribing medical recordings, if they are so inclined. 

This work is typically on a freelance basis.

Anyone can sign up to work, and if accepted, you get to pick your own projects and hours.

#3 Freelance Writer

Speaking of freelance work, a medical student can work as a freelance writer.

Instead of transcribing words, you would be creating original written content.

Much of the work is blog and website writing for various companies.

As a med student, a freelancer can aim to specialize in writing that relates to medicine as an industry.

That allows for writing that reinforces things learned in med school, and it can expand on knowledge by exposing students to wider aspects of the medical industry.

A med student doesn’t have to specifically write about medical topics, but if the goal is to use the work to reinforce study, that’s a great way to go about freelance writing.

#4 Blog Writer

With freelance writing, you create content by request.

If you want more freedom, you can work as a blog writer.

In other words, you can run your own blog (or blogs).

That allows you to pick the topics as you see fit, and it offers ultimate flexibility in the work.

The downside is that blog writing is going to offer much less reliable income as compared to freelance writing.

But if that’s an acceptable trade-off, blog writing is one of the most open and free ways to work available on the internet.

#5 Vlogging

If you prefer video to writing, then vlogging might be a better approach.

Medical vlogs definitely have a place in the world, and there is an opportunity to make money.

Have you ever heard of Dr. Mike? 

Watch a few of his vlogs if you want an idea as to what this is all about.

Now, a newcomer to vlogging is unlikely to match Dr. Mike’s level of success.

However, there is a large market for video content that involves medical expertise and even takes people through the life of a medical student.

If you feel creative, this is definitely an opportunity.

#6 Data Entry

Taking a complete left turn, data entry is another area of opportunity.

Many data entry jobs are entirely remote and online, and they tend to offer a lot of flexibility.

If you can read and write, you can handle data entry.

As a medical student, you can also try to focus specifically on data entry projects related to medical research.

This offers a chance to deepen your experience and understanding of specific medical topics, and it can seriously reinforce your scholastic studies.

Also, if you get efficient, you can take on multiple projects and earn surprisingly good income, for such a flexible online job.

#7 Tutoring

Tutoring is a classic way to make money for any college student at pretty much any level of study.

You can take on as much or as little tutoring as fits your schedule, and you can focus on courses you have already completed.

You can tutor on fundamental subjects to reinforce the basics, such as writing, math, and science.

You can even try to find medical students who are earlier in their programs to offer tutoring, if you are so inclined.

Just keep in mind that the market for medical students seeking tutoring is going to be pretty small.

You can manage your own tutoring service and offer online instruction, or you can try to get a position with an existing tutoring platform.

#8 Online Research

Online research is also a field of work that exists.

You won’t be doing lab work online; that’s not really feasible. Instead, there are a few companies that specialize in answering questions on their platforms.

They pay researchers to go deep into topics to provide substantial, reliable explanations for things.

Wonder is a perfect example.

Working for such a service, you can try to specialize in medical questions.

That offers you a chance to reinforce your own knowledge and go down some interesting medical rabbit holes, all while you earn some extra cash.

#9 Grant Writing

Grant writing is more specific, but it’s still a viable way for a med student to make some cash.

Grant writing is really about writing proposals.

You’re putting together information and presenting it in a way that helps projects win funding.

In line with the theme of all of these jobs, you can focus on medical grant writing.

It will expose you to specific research projects that are actively seeking solutions in the field of medicine.

It helps you stay ahead of the curve on new ideas and procedures.

Additionally, your medical background will help you write more compelling grant proposals.

#10 Crowdfunding

If you want to be a little less formal, you can focus on crowdfunding instead of grant writing.

The concept is similar, but the nature of the projects and the audience reading your work will change pretty substantially.

Instead of writing grant proposals for research institutions, you are more likely to write crowdfunding descriptions for interesting technology projects.

Ultimately, anything can be crowdfunded, and you could even focus on helping people secure extra funds to pay for expensive medical procedures.

It’s really up to you, but in a lot of cases, you’ll see more obscure research or innovation ideas in this space. If that sounds appealing, then it’s a great opportunity.

#11 Healthcare Administration

You can find healthcare administration positions that are entirely online and offer flexible hours.

These jobs put you right in the middle of health care, making the experience invaluable.

On the downside, a lot of these jobs keep somewhat regular hours, and they can prove challenging for med students.

Considering your position, some medical offices will work with you, and they might even offer short-term work whenever you have an extended break.