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Mechani-Kong vs. Mechagodzilla: Winner?

Here’s who would win in a fight between Mechani-Kong and Mechagodzilla:

It’s worth stating that these two have fought together against Godzilla, but they have never officially fought against each other.

If we consider their raw stats and abilities, it’s likely that Mechagodzilla would be the victor.

If we buff Mechani-Kong enough to be comparable, then Mechagodzilla still wins.

So if you want to learn about who would come out as the winner in the Mechani-Kong versus Mechagodzilla fight, then this article is for you.

Let’s get started!

Mechani-Kong vs. Mechagodzilla: Winner? (All the Info)

What Is Mechani-Kong? (2 Descriptions)

If we’re going to explore a proper battle between mechanical monsters, we need a breakdown of their stories and abilities.

So, let’s start with Mechani-Kong.

He originally showed up in The King Kong Show.

As the name suggests, he’s a robot built in the image of King Kong.

He was designed and fabricated by the evil Dr. Who (not that Dr. Who), and interestingly enough, he was not made to fight.

Instead, he was built to mine Element X in the arctic.

Unfortunately, the element was too radioactive, and it damaged Mechani-Kong.

So, Dr. Who retrofitted the metal ape with a new plan.

He was going to hypnotize the real King Kong and use the great ape to mine the element.

Yes, kaiju stories can be ridiculous, but that’s why we love them.

Ultimately, Mechani-Kong got into some giant beast battles, and that’s why he’s the topic of discussion today. 

Interesting backstory aside, Mechani-Kong is not a robot you would want to engage in a fist fight.

He stands at 20 meters tall (that’s more than 60 feet), and he weighs around 15,000 metric tons. 

#1 Abilities

Even though Mechani-Kong was not designed to fight, he has some powerful abilities at his disposal.

First, he’s strong, fast, and durable. That’s not surprising for a giant robot, but it’s worth mentioning.

Also, because he’s fashioned after King Kong, Mechani-Kong has the agility you would expect from a fighting ape.

He can monkey around quite well (that won’t be the last bad joke today).

He also has a powerful hypnotic ability.

For a bit, he had King Kong under complete control, and it was only the intervention of other characters that saved King Kong from a fate as a slave miner.

#2 Notable Fights

Mechani-Kong shows up as an antagonist throughout Kaiju media, but his most significant fight is against King Kong in his original debut.

Ultimately, Mechani-Kong lost that fight, which is the fate of antagonistic giant robots in the world of kaiju.

Mechani-Kong also once teamed up with Mechagodzilla to take on the original Godzilla.

They also lost that fight.

Ultimately, we don’t have a lot of good fighting data on Mechani-Kong, but there’s still enough to make some reasonable determinations.

What Is Mechagodzilla? (2 Depictions)

Mechagodzilla has a richer backstory and has appeared in a lot more media than Mechani-Kong.

In fact, there are three major iterations of Mechagodzilla, and while the later iterations were supposed to be upgrades, the character actually had its best showing in its original debut.

All of that is to say that it’s hard to pin down exactly which version of Mechagodzilla should reasonably be fighting Mechani-Kong.

And, you can make up your own mind about that if we go over the basics of Mechagodzilla.

He’s an alien machine that was designed in the image of Godzilla.

Mechagodzilla first showed up in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, so he was the main antagonist of his own movie.

He’s also a beast worthy of fighting against the king of the monsters.

Mechagodzilla (depending on the version) stands between 50 and 98 meters tall, making him as big as kaiju get.

He’s also massive, weighing between 40,000 and 70,000 metric tons.

With that size and weight, he can wreak destruction and send skyscrapers flying.

#1 Abilities

Mechagodzilla was designed to take over the earth.

He’s big, mean, and capable in combat.

He has strength and durability on par with Godzilla, and Mechagodzilla can fly at speeds up to Mach 5, making him very fast.

He’s known for his missile barrages.

He can fire an unlimited number of missiles from his fingers, toes, and various ports on his body.

The missiles cover a long range and are highly destructive.

They make up one of his primary attacks.

Mechagodzilla also has powerful laser cannons.

They shoot out of his eyes.

Different variants of the robot can shoot additional lasers from other locations.

The lasers are powerful enough to rival Godzilla’s atomic breath.

He has a blade on his tail that allows for slashing attacks, and he can spin his head in a full 360-degree rotation.

That might not sound impressive, but this activates the neo barrier, a defensive move that can repel major attacks.

Perhaps the signature ability for this giant robot is the cross attack beam.

It’s a unique attack that kind of looks like a cross between a laser and lightning.

It’s a kaiju robot, so science doesn’t matter.

What matters is that the cross beam attack is a big move that can seriously damage other giant monsters and robots.

#2 Notable Fights

Mechagodzilla has been in some major fights, so we have good info on his performance.

His best fight came in his debut movie.

In this movie he takes on Godzilla and sends him packing.

In order to save the day, Godzilla actually has to team up with King Caesar.

Together, they ultimately remove Mechagodzilla’s head and incapacitate the robot.

But, the events of this movie suggest that the original Mechagodzilla is stronger than either Godzilla or King Caesar.

Later, Mechagodzilla is rebuilt and given some upgrades.

With these upgrades, he teams up with Titanosaurus to take out Godzilla.

Despite the upgrades and new teammate, they both lose to the king of the monsters.

What this really shows is that the inverse ninja law is the ultimate rule of strength in a kaiju battle. 

Mechagodzilla has been in tons more fights, but they involve additional parties and craziness.

These two are really the best for gauging him as a monster fighter.

Who Would Win if Mechani-Kong Fought Mechagodzilla? (3 Sources)

That’s a reasonable overview of our contestants.

In fact, you could probably go through that information and determine a winner in your own mind. 

You’ve already done that, haven’t you?

Now, you’re just waiting to see if I come to the same conclusion or not.

You’re already judging me, aren’t you?

In all seriousness, if you want a clear winner, then there are three ways to look at this.

We can see if they’ve met in any of the official media.

That’s usually referred to as “canon,” and it often settles these kinds of debates.

If that’s not enough, we can get into third-party media takes on the fight.

There are plenty, and I will cover them.

Of course, you came to my corner of the internet.

Clearly, the opinion that matters most is mine, so I’ll give you that too.

#1 In Canon

In any of the canon productions, Mechani-Kong and Mechagodzilla have not fought against each other.

They fought together against Godzilla and lost, but that doesn’t really tell us which is stronger.

From canon sources, we can still make a reasonable estimation.

Mechagodzilla is multiple times taller and heavier and has a much stronger arsenal of weapons.

It’s extremely unlikely that Mechani-Kong would win this fight.

In fact, it’s a completely unfair fight if we go with canon sources.

#2 Media Results

But, unfair fights aren’t all that much fun, especially when it comes to giant battling robots.

Thankfully, in external media, the two have fought more than a few times.

Typically, content creators will make some changes to Mechani-Kong in order to turn this into an interesting fight.

If we scale Mechani-Kong up to the size of Mechagodzilla and give him some of King Kong’s fighting abilities, then this gets a lot more interesting.

I went through more than a few different media takes on this fight. 

Here’s one as an example of what they’re like:

Overall, there seems to be a consensus.

Even when we upscale Mechani-Kong, Mechagodzilla wins.

He’s a better fighter, and he had one of the most impressive displays of any kaiju.

Not many monsters can push Godzilla to the point of asking for help.

#3 My Opinion

In canon, Mechagodzilla probably wins (although they both lose to the “good guy” in any story).

In most media takes, Mechagodzilla wins.

Is that it? Have we settled this?

No. There’s one more take you need: mine.

Actually, I’m not the right person to write and produce an interesting death battle between these monsters, but I can point out what actually matters the most.

The real winner between these two in a fight depends on who is writing the story.

You can already see that since Mechagodzilla started off stronger than Godzilla, got some major upgrades, and was then significantly weaker.

They’re giant monsters and robots.

They don’t follow a logical formula.

Their strength is dependent on what is interesting to the story.

So, there are definitely ways to write Mechani-Kong in a way that he would beat Mechagodzilla.

Maybe his agility proves too much for the metal lizard.

Maybe you give him a giant banana cannon.

I don’t know.

As long as everyone is having a good time with the spectacle of giant fighting robots, then it’s a win.