Many Tinder Likes, Few Match When Swiping Right: Why?

Here’s why you have likes on Tinder but don’t match when you swipe them right:

One way or another, this situation means that Tinder is not working the way it was designed to work.

Likes are supposed to automatically match when you swipe right on them.

This could be the result of a bug, but it might also be an issue with settings, or it could be a timing problem with older likes.

So if you want to learn all about why you have many likes on Tinder but only a few matches when you swipe everyone to the right, then this article is for you.

Let’s jump right into it!

Many Tinder Likes But Few Matches When Swiping Right: Why?

What Are Likes on Tinder?

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What’s going on here?

Why would you have likes but then not match when you swipe right?

It seems counterproductive at best.

Well, if we really want to understand the situation, it might prove best to break down the components of this relationship in more detail.

Let’s start with likes.

What does it mean to have a like on Tinder?

This is a formal feature on Tinder.

Users can like each others’ profiles.

When that happens, it creates an event in the Tinder servers, and as long as your settings allow for it, Tinder can tell you when people like your profile.

Naturally, the reverse also works.

People can be notified when you like their profile.

There are a few peculiarities to this feature.

First, likes aren’t available for all users.

You have to have a Gold or Platinum account to enable likes.

Clearly, this is monetized.

Additionally, when someone Likes you, you can review their profile before you decide whether to return the like or not.

What Are Matches on Tinder?

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Matches are a bit different.

For standard users, when you’re on Tinder, you can scroll through profiles that show up.

If you like what you see, then you can swipe right.

That’s half a match.

You have approved of the other profile, so from your end, a match is established.

But, Tinder has to be a two-way street.

So, the person you swiped on will also get to see your profile.

They can decide whether to swipe right or left on you.

If they also swipe right, then they are matching you.

Whenever two users mutually swipe right on each other, that’s a formal match on the Tinder platform.

The app will help you establish communication so you and the other user can see if a match leads to anything else.

Notice how this is different from likes.

Likes are one-sided while matches only happen when users mutually swipe right on each other.

That’s an important distinction.

What Are the Main Differences Between Likes and Matches on Tinder?

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That said, there’s an important thing to understand.

According to the Tinder support page, anyone who likes your profile should be an automatic match if you swipe right on them.

That’s the intended design here.

Obviously, that doesn’t always happen, and we’ll get into why a little later.

But, that’s worth remembering.

The real difference between likes and matches (besides the fact that you have to pay for access to likes) is that likes give you a bit of an upper hand in the matching.

You’re not really putting yourself out there to swipe right on a like, since they’ve already liked you.

Matches, being a mutual thing, might require more risk on your end.

You might swipe right and not get a return swipe.

It’s not really a big deal, but for some people, the like system is a little nicer and easier to manage, from a commitment and emotional perspective.

Why Don’t Likes Match When You Swipe Right on Tinder?

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Considering all of that, we have a bit of a mystery to solve.

If likes are supposed to automatically match when you swipe right on them, what’s going on?

Why doesn’t it actually work that way?

Well, there are a number of different viable explanations, and it really depends on the specific situation.

I’ll take you through all of the common answers, and you’ll be able to see which makes the most sense from your perspective.

Keep in mind that these are the most common situations.

It’s possible that you are in a set of rare circumstances.

If none of my answers below seem to take care of your issue, reach out to Tinder for support.

They can help you get into the technical answers, and they can be more specific to your account than I can.

#1 Enticement

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The first situation might have more to do with Tinder’s marketing plans than the ecosystem itself.

Let me lay out a scenario, and you decide it sounds familiar.

You used Tinder for a while.

For whatever reason, you took a break from the app.

Maybe you settled into a relationship.

Maybe you just weren’t enjoying Tinder.

It doesn’t really matter.

Regardless of the reason, you haven’t used the app in a while.

So, you get an email from Tinder.

It says that you have “10 + likes” or something to that effect, and it encourages you to sign back into the app to see who likes you.

If this fits your situation, then it’s important to understand that this is a marketing email and not necessarily a personalized message.

You might not have any likes at all.

Or, you might have likes that are from so long ago that they’re no longer relevant (more on that later).

There are a lot of possibilities.

The real point here is that the email is not based on real-time information.

It’s not your Tinder message center.

It’s just a ploy by Tinder to get you to use the app again.

Because of that, when you log in, whatever you see in terms of likes might not be reliable, and that’s why likes don’t always turn into matches.

#2 Bugs

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If the email scenario above doesn’t sound familiar, then you might be in a different situation altogether.

As you might recall, likes are supposed to automatically match when you swipe right on them.

If that isn’t happening, then it means that Tinder is not working as intended.

There are a lot of possible bugs that could be at play here.

The simplest answer I can give is to reach out to Tinder support.

Explain the problem, and they might be able to isolate a specific bug to remedy the situation.

#3 Timing

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This is another really common situation.

You log into Tinder and see some likes.

So, you scroll through them, and you find one that looks promising, so you swipe right.

Then… nothing. There is no match, no response, no anything.

What’s going on?

This could be a simple timing issue.

It’s possible that the person you swiped on liked you a while ago, and since that like went through, their circumstances changed.

They might have altered their settings so that you can’t match with them anymore.

They might have left Tinder.

There are tons of specific reasons why they might not match anymore, but the root of it all is timing.

If you had swiped immediately when they liked you, it would have matched, but since things were changed, the match can no longer go through.

That’s all.

#4 The Problem With “+”

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There’s something else I haven’t really touched on so far.

Tinder likes are a little strange.

You don’t get an exact number of likes.

Instead you might see “10+” or “3+” or some other number with a plus sign.

Tinder does this on purpose.

The idea is to add a little bit of intrigue to the likes so that you will be more tempted to scroll through them.

How does this relate to matching on Tinder?

It’s a little weird, but the + mechanism can make things seem a little off.

As you browse through your likes, you might swipe left on one.

Then you check, and you still have 10+ likes.

That’s because that one swipe didn’t bring you all the way down to 10 remaining likes.

The same can happen with swiping right.

So what happens is that it seems like you’ve been through the likes, but they aren’t responding, and it feels like matches and likes don’t line up.

#5 Mismatches

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The last possibility is similar to the timing issue, but it can happen immediately.

It’s possible that your preferences and those of the person who liked you don’t match up.

So, they like you, you swipe right, and you still don’t match.

One of the most common reasons for this set of interactions is that you are within their preferences, but they are not within yours.

If you’ve used Tinder enough, you know that there are a lot of settings you can adjust.

One of those has to do with location.

You can set Tinder to only match you with people who live in certain areas.

This makes it easier to use Tinder to meet people who actually live near you.

It’s also easy for these settings to mismatch.

So, you might be within the acceptable physical distance of another person to like you, but they might not be in range to match with you.

The reverse can also be true.

If the preferences don’t line up, then a like might not turn into a match.

This still isn’t supposed to happen, but it definitely does.

You can troubleshoot with Tinder to resolve the situation, or you can broaden your own settings to make it less likely to happen in the first place.

Either solution is viable, so it’s really up to you.