Laptop Fan So Loud All of a Sudden: Why? (How to Fix)

Laptop Fan So Loud All of a Sudden: Why?

Here’s why your laptop fan is so loud all of a sudden and how to fix it: If it’s sporadic, the reason is that the more load your laptop is under, the more calculations it needs to do, and the hotter its components get. If it’s persistent: Software issues Blocked vents and dirty fan Hard disk failure Malware Outdated drivers You can fix it by: Kill background processes Clean your fan Cool your laptop So if you want to learn all about why your laptop fan is so loud all of a sudden and how to fix it, then you’re in the right place. Let’s dive right in! Why Is Your Laptop Fan So Loud All of a Sudden? You’re working away and the gentle hum of your laptop you’re accustomed to suddenly gets louder. Before you know it, the noise escalates to a whirring and grinding noise louder than your lawnmower and it’s all you can do to keep you from smashing it. If this experience sounds familiar to you, don’t panic. The cramped up space inside the machine and the high capacity batteries it utilizes to run causes heat buildup. And as soon as things heat up, your laptop fan runs faster, resulting in noises. This article discusses why your laptop fan is so loud, how to prevent the noise from your laptop fan (at you own risk), and some frequently asked questions. What Does a Loud Laptop Fan Mean? Here’s what you should know about fan noise. The fan, probably the loudest laptop component within your computer, performs a vital function of cooling your laptop, specifically the CPU (central processing unit). All computers emit heat due to the electricity they consume and then transmit it around their circuitry, all in compacted space.   So some noise is okay, but if for one reason or another (which we’ll discuss in more detail later), your laptop fan needs to dissipate