Putting Stickers on Laptop: Safe or Bad? (All the Info)

Putting Stickers on Laptop: Safe?

Here’s how safe it is to put stickers on your laptop: As long as you apply the right stickers to the appropriate spots, their removal shouldn’t be too much of a bother. Plastic stickers are better than paper stickers.  You should stick your stickers on the top “clamshell” or on the back of your laptop, which is the opposite side of the screen. If you want to learn all about whether you can self express yourself with stickers on your laptop safely, then you’re in the right place. Let’s jump right in! Want to Put Stickers on Your Laptop? Today’s symbols of self-expression are no longer limited to clothing or Trapper Keeper binders. Putting stickers on your laptop has become the contemporary way to personalize your multipurpose tool.  It might look cool, but is putting stickers on your laptop bad or unsafe? How do you put stickers on a laptop without ruining it? What about the style and sticker placement? How about your laptop case? Is this form of personalized self-expressiveness on your work laptop wrong or considered unprofessional?  Read on to explore all of the scenarios and answer any questions you may have about putting stickers on your laptop. What Kind of Materials Do You Work With? When wondering if putting stickers on your laptop is safe or a bad and potentially ruinous idea, it helps to know what kind of materials you’re working with. What Is a Laptop Made Of? A laptop computer is a petite and portable personal computer that opens up and folds down again like a clamshell. The slim LCD or LED screen is fixed to the upper “shell,” while the keyboard is built into the lower lid.  The shell body typically consists of lightweight yet durable metals like aluminum with steel for some structures. Most laptops’ outer shells, especially older models, are also made of plastic unless they are the super high-quality metal-only versions.