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IT Full Forms List: Remarkable IT Acronyms

IT Full Forms List: Remarkable IT Acronyms and Their Explanations

Do you know the full form of computer, Google, or Wi-Fi?

You’ll learn that “computer” has been used since Roman times, Google a misspelling, and Wi-Fi is just a made-up word!

Here’s a list of IT full forms and their clear explanations.

Let’s kick things off!


Computer Full Form

Laptop computer light turquoise background

Remember on Star Trek when the Captain used to start a conversation with the LCARS by saying, “Computer…?”

We’ve always enjoyed anthropomorphizing computers, haven’t we?

Even in day-to-day life, we get a kick out of talking to Syuri, Alexa, or Google Assistant, imagining that we’re conversing with a humanlike persona, our loyal “Computer” that follows our commands.

Have you ever wondered where the title “Computer” came from and what is the correct computer full form? 

Let’s dive right into it!

Computer Full Form: What Does Computer Stand For?

CRM Full Form

CRM Full Form: What’s the Meaning of the CRM Acronym?

CRM full form is customer relationship management.

Customer relationship management allows companies to consider every aspect of their businesses from the customers’ perspective.

CRM encompasses the idea that by managing relationships with customers, customer loyalty and customer retention will increase, and this is the formula for greater profits and success.

Let’s dive right in!

CRM Full Form: What’s the Meaning of the CRM Acronym?

ERP Full Form

ERP Full Form: What Does the Acronym ERP Stand For?

ERP full form is enterprise resource planning.

ERP contains software and hardware to run a company.

Get a short and sweet introduction to ERP.

It’s time for the first step!

ERP Full Form: What Does The Acronym ERP Stand For?

Google Full Form

Google Full Form: Do You Know What Google Stands For?

What’s the full form of Google do you ask?—Google doesn’t have an official full form. The name comes from a misspelling of the word “googol.”

A full form is the combination of words used to create an acronym. For example, the full form of IT is Information Technology.

While the company doesn’t have an official full form, the letters in the name “Google” were eventually used to create a backronym.

If you’re curious about what Google really stands for, here is a closer look!

Google Full Form: Do You Know What Google Stands For?

Internet Full Form

Global browser light turquoise background

Internet full form is a combination of the prefix “inter-,“ and “net”.

Some people think that Internet is an abbreviation for “International Network” or “Interconnected network.”

In this article, you’ll learn what Internet really stands for.

So without further ado, let’s do this!

Internet Full Form: What Does Internet Stand For?

IT Full Form

Connected computers light turquoise background

IT full form is Information Technology.

Information Technology includes every aspect of the architecture, software, hardware, and networking of computers within a company.

Many large businesses have an entire department assigned to IT, and smaller businesses might use IT professionals on a part-time basis, but IT specialists are crucial to the day-to-day operations of any business.

Let’s get started!

IT Full Form: What’s Behind the IT Acronym?

SCM Full Form

SCM Full Form: What Does SCM Stand For?

What does the acronym SCM stand for in business?

SCM full form is supply chain management.

If you want to learn what supply chain management in a nutshell, then you’re in the right place.

Let’s get started!

SCM Full Form: What Does the Acronym SCM Stand For?

Wi-Fi Full Form

Wifi router light turquoise background

Wi-Fi has become a household term. People often debate how the name “Wi-Fi” came to be.

Often, people claim that Wi-Fi full form is “Wireless Fidelity.”

However, when you examine the origin and history of the term, you will uncover an interesting reason for this common mistake.

Let’s get started!

Wi-Fi Full Form: What’s the Full Form of Wi-Fi?

THE IT Acronyms List

Data monitor light turquoise background

Are you looking for IT acronyms and their full forms in general?

Then the following IT acronyms list with 65,000+ acronyms is for you.

Word from wooden blocks with letters, use of acronyms in the modern world abbreviation concept, random letters around, top view on wooden background.

Find in this list almost any IT acronym in one place. You can search and sort the list.

Let’s dive right in: THE IT acronyms list!

Now It’s Your Turn

Bubble chat light turquoise background

Hopefully, you found this list about full forms in tech helpful.

And now it’s your turn:

  • Are you left with any questions?
  • Do you feel that anything is missing?
  • Is there any information you still need?
  • Or maybe you have questions about something specific on the list?
  • Or you might just want to share your thoughts!

Whatever it is, go ahead and leave a comment below right now!


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