iOS 17 Insights Reveal a Surprising 'End Call' Button Relocation

iOS 17 Insights Reveal a Surprising ‘End Call’ Button Relocation

Apple enthusiasts were recently taken aback by indications that the iPhone’s iconic red “end call” button might be shifting from its central location. However, recent developments suggest that the initial reactions might have been premature.

The buzz began with the unveiling of the beta version of iOS 17, Apple’s forthcoming iPhone software update. This version showcased the “end call” button, traditionally nestled centrally beneath functions like “mute,” “keypad,” and “speaker,” moving towards the lower right-hand corner, aligning with other buttons.

Yet, recent visuals from the updated iOS 17 beta, circulated by various media outlets, depict the red button almost reclaiming its central spot on the phone’s dial pad. However, it’s not entirely back to its old self; it now sits in the middle of the second row within a block of six buttons, challenging users to end calls without unintentionally activating other functions.

It’s crucial to note that beta software versions are inherently tentative, serving dual purposes: assisting engineers in identifying glitches and assessing user responses to potential changes. Hence, not all features in beta versions make it to the final release.

While the fate of the “end call” button remains uncertain, Apple, known for its reticence on design choices and other matters, has yet to respond to inquiries from The Associated Press regarding this change.

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