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Faking Internet Outage: How To?

Faking Internet Outage: How To? (Everything to Know)

Here’s how to fake an internet outage: The easiest way to fake an internet outage is to unplug your modem so that it has no power. Alternatively, you could try reporting an outage to your internet provider, or you could try cutting off power to your home (or place of work). Anything that prevents the … Read more DNS: Safe? DNS: Safe? (Everything to Know)

Yes, the DNS is safe to use, and there is a fair chance that it is faster and more secure than what you already use. It is a DNS run by Cloudflare, which is a networking company that is trying to provide better internet privacy for users. Changing to this DNS should not cause any problems for most users.

Plugging in Router Before Activation: What Then?

Plug Router Before Activation: What Happens? (All the Info)

For the most part, nothing at all happens. Your router will turn on and draw power, but you won’t be able to connect to the internet until your service is activated by the provider. Connecting early ensures that the hardware is ready for activation when the time comes. You can use Wi-Fi without the internet until then.

ISP Blocking Ports: What to Do?

ISP Blocks Ports: What to Do? (5 Things)

There are many things you can do, depending on how the port is being blocked. You can change router or firewall settings to unblock the port. You can contact your ISP to have them unblock it, or you can even mask the port with something like a VPN to trick your ISP into giving you the access you want.

ISP Blocking Port Forwarding: How to Know?

ISP Blocks Port Forwarding: How to Know? (Do This)

An ISP can only block port forwarding if they control your router, so this is only an issue if they provided the router that you use. When that is the case, you can log into the router and look at the port forwarding settings. If you can’t see those settings, then the safe assumption is that port forwarding is blocked.

FaceTime Poor Connection Issues: How to Fix?

FaceTime Says Poor Connection: Whose Fault? (How to Fix)

FaceTime poor connection could be due to problems on your end, the other user’s end, both ends, or neither end. If neither user is the problem, then the issue more likely resides with Apple servers and services. To find out exactly where the problem lies, it’s best to perform a speed test and a ping test on each device.

Internet Drops Every Hour or So?

Internet Drops Every Hour or So? (+ How to Fix It)

This is about why the internet goes down. Does your internet drop periodically? If you want to learn why your internet drops and how to fix it, then you’re in the right place. Let’s get started! Why Your Internet Drops and How to Fix It The internet has become so entrenched in our everyday lives … Read more

Wi-Fi Exclamation Mark: How to Fix?

Wi-Fi Exclamation Mark: How to Fix It? (+ Vital Facts)

Here’s why there’s an exclamation mark on your Wi-Fi symbol and how to fix it: The Wi-Fi exclamation mark stands for no internet. You can fix that by: Turn your device’s Wi-Fi off and back On Reboot your router Reset your router Check your network settings Update your router’s drivers Check for network outages Pay … Read more

Internet Goes Out When It Rains: Why?

Internet Goes Out When It Rains: Why?

Here’s why your internet slows down or won’t work when it rains: DSL, ADSL, or SDSL are technologies that run your internet over copper phone lines that are susceptible to failure during extreme weather conditions. Another reason is, when it’s rainy, most people stay indoors, which means your internet might slow down due to a … Read more