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IT Architecture Review: How To?

IT Architecture Review: How To? (Everything to Know)

An IT architecture review studies your network’s design structure, aims to fix flaws, and targets areas for cost-effective optimization. This project entails asking your client some questions and checking every nook and cranny of their IT infrastructure.

IT Architecture: How to?

IT Architecture: How to? (Everything to Know)

An IT architect designs information technology systems, just as an architect designs a house or building. By utilizing an architecture framework, an IT architect conceptualizes why information technology systems work together, and how to use them. Today, IT architecture helps businesses with security and operations.

Outsourcing IT Department: How To?

How to Outsource an IT Department? (All the Info)

Getting the right staff to handle IT needs can be hard. But if your employees are spread too thin or lack the knowledge, experience, or skill set for handling your IT, outsourcing may be your saving grace.

IT vs ICT: Difference?

IT vs. ICT (Information and Communication Technology)

There is no universal definition for ICT, but it is generally agreed that it has more to do with communications between people than IT does. While IT deals with computer systems, ICT is more inclusive of technology that allows you to communicate with others and is a direct extension of IT.