Game Guardian Hackable Games: Which Ones?

Here’s everything about the games hackable by Game Guardian:

Theoretically, any game on an Android device is hackable by Game Guardian.

The app works better when you use it to alter offline games.

It can work with online games too, but Game Guardian can only impact your device and not the devices you connect with.

Server-based games can only be altered in small ways.

So if you want to learn all about the games that can be hacked by Game Guardian, then this article is for you.

Let’s get started!

Hackable Games by Game Guardian: Which Ones? (All the Info)

What Is Game Guardian?

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Game Guardian is an app for Android devices that allows you to change how video games play.

You can outright alter the code in video games in order to change a wide variety of things.

You can give yourself extra lives, extra time, change the speed of things, and in many other ways tinker with the game itself.

In other words, Game Guardian allows you to cheat when you play games on your Android device.

I’ll get into more details later, but it essentially works by adding code to the game.

So, you will run Game Guardian at the same time as your game, and Game Guardian more or less hacks the game software to change it as you see fit.

It’s important to know that in many cases, Game Guardian violates the terms of service of the games you might be playing, and that can lead to you being banned from such games.

Understanding Terms of Service

Actually, we should talk about this a little more.

Have you ever noticed that when you install software on a device, you get this really long legal document that you don’t read at all and just hit the “accept” button?

That document is a service agreement.

Basically, it outlines the rules you are expected to follow when you use the software, and the vast majority of video games include their own terms of service or end-user license agreements (EULA, which is effectively another term for the same concept).

You see, when you buy software (or when you download software), you technically don’t own it.

The software is really all of the lines of code that make it work, and the company that made the software typically has a copyright on all of that code.

They own the software.

Instead of buying software, you’re actually entering into a licensing agreement to be allowed to use the software, and software developers can include terms and conditions for how you use their thing.

How does this apply to games on your phone?

Well, a lot of games have terms and conditions that specify what constitutes cheating, and if they catch you cheating, they’re allowed to ban you from using the game.

This holds even if you spend a bunch of money on a game.

They own the game, and they have the right to kick you off of it if you violate their rules.

Generally speaking, the use of Game Guardian does constitute cheating.

Using the software could get you banned from your game, so you want to keep that in mind before we get deeper into this topic.

How Does Game Guardian Work? (2 Ways)

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Now that we have the big warning out of the way, let’s talk about how Game Guardian works, and that will help you understand which games are best hacked by it.

Game Guardian operates via code injection.

I’ll explain the specifics of code injection in the next section.

For now, it’s enough to know that Game Guardian is adding lines of code to how your game works, and that is what “hacks” the game for you.

What this means is that Game Guardian is specifically impacting how the game operates on your phone.

To do this, it has to run at the same time as the game you are hacking.

When it does, it finds areas of operation where the game asks your device for information.

Any of those areas can potentially be hacked, and that is how Game Guardian can mess with the game.

It can change what information is provided by your phone.

This provides virtually unlimited potential for your hacks.

There is no exact set of things that you can change (although we’ll talk about major points of change later).

It makes Game Guardian very powerful, and you can cheat pretty substantially with a lot of games.

#1 Code Injection

Set of mysql queries in a database management

To really understand what’s happening, we should talk about code injection.

As the name implies, code injection allows a hack to literally add lines of code to a program.

Those added lines can completely change how a program works, and because of that, Game Guardian can just plain rewrite gaming operations.

But, there are limits, and they stem from how code injection works.

The key principle is that code injection exploits bad data handling.

Most software has to use data at a bunch of points in order to work.

A game, for instance, might need to check the clock on your phone for some of its operations.

It might also collect stored data related to the game, like how much in-game currency you have.

There are a lot of possibilities.

The point is that some data handling isn’t designed extremely well, and if nonsensical data is received by the program, it will struggle to continue.

A code injection hack tests a program by messing with the data sent to it, and wherever it finds these vulnerabilities, it can potentially inject code.

When the program struggles with invalid data, the code injection hack can insert itself, and that is where new code is injected to alter the program.

This is really going to matter when we talk about server-based games.

#2 How to Use Game Guardian

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First, though, we can talk about how to use Game Guardian.

Since Game Guardian often violates terms of service, I’m not going to give you a full tutorial.

There are potential liability issues with that.

Instead, I want to give you an idea of what it’s like to use Game Guardian.

As a code-injection hacking app, Game Guardian has to probe a game to figure out where vulnerabilities lie.

This means that if you want to change something specific in a game, you might have to search for a while to make it work.

In fact, the more specific your aims are, the harder it will be to use Game Guardian.

You can see exactly how it works in this tutorial by Game Guardian.

The big takeaway is that there is a lot of trial and error involved.

You’re hacking a game, not entering deliberate cheat codes.

What Can Game Guardian Do to a Game? (3 Things)

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Based on what you’ve seen so far, it looks like Game Guardian can do just about anything to a game to give you an advantage, but that’s not very specific.

Generally speaking, the hacking software allows you to change values read by the game.

That’s actually a very powerful tool, and I’ll point out some of the major things that this can mean when you’re playing a game.

#1 Change User Input Data

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When you play a game, you interact with it.

That means that your actions create values that are read by the game to determine what happens.

You can use Game Guardian to literally change your inputs.

If you’re playing a game where you move a character, you can effectively make the character move faster or slower.

The app can also change user data that is stored on your phone.

This might include your in-game inventory, how many lives you have, what level you have saved, and anything else that is stored specifically on your phone.

#2 Time Modifications

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This is a big one.

A lot of games use timers for things.

As an example, you might get free tokens to play the game every few hours.

If you run out of tokens, you have to purchase more within the game in order to keep playing.

Game Guardian can alter these timers to trick the game and allow you to play.

Anything related to timers can ultimately be modified by the hacks.

#3 Temporary Files

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Games also use temporary files on your device.

These are folders that are periodically emptied by your device, and they can impact a lot of things.

Temporary files might include connection information for online games, data that is only relevant for a specific moment in the game (like data during a boss fight), and plenty of other things.

Using Game Guardian to hack temporary files is more involved, as you have to reset the parameters every time your temporary files are emptied, but hacking temporary files is often the key to impacting a lot of online games.

What Kinds of Games Can Game Guardian Hack? (4 Types)

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The truth is that there is a wide range of games that Game Guardian can hack.

I have broken them down into four different categories, and that will help you see some inherent limitations of Game Guardian depending on the type of game you are playing.

#1 Android Games

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First off, Game Guardian is an Android app.

So, you can only hack Android games with it.

If a game is available for Android and iOS, and you’re on an iPhone, you can’t use Game Guardian.

That’s the chief limitation.

But if you are on an Android device, Game Guardian can hack any game to at least some extent.

#2 Offline Games

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Offline games are where the Guardian really shines.

With an offline game, all of the game data is stored on your phone (or tablet), and all of the code is there too.

That means that Game Guardian can directly control pretty much anything, once it finds vulnerabilities to exploit and inject code.

On top of that, offline games are a lot less likely to use any kind of cheat detection, so it’s often safer to use Game Guardian on such games.

Despite that, there is always a risk of using software to cheat a game.

It’s still possible for you to be banned or run into problems, so keep that in mind.

#3 Online Games

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Technically speaking, Game Guardian can still hack online games, but it’s a lot more limited. 

If you remember, the code injection hack works by testing code for areas where it mishandles data.

Well, online games are often a lot more robust in this area, largely because they receive inputs from a lot of different sources.

Basically, you and other users are constantly providing data to the online game, and it has to have a lot of redundancy to deal with that.

As a result, on average, online games have fewer vulnerabilities.

On top of that, your phone isn’t in control of everything in an online game.

Your phone can only impact your side of the equation.

Things that happen on other phones or game servers are out of reach of your copy of Game Guardian.

That means that there is inherently less that Game Guardian can do.

Despite all of that, these factors only limit Game Guardian.

They don’t completely stop it.

You can still hack data that your device inputs to the game, and that can include major changes to things.

You can potentially change your game stats in a lot of different ways using the software, which means you can add lives, make yourself faster or slower, give yourself in-game resources, and a whole bunch more.

As long as the cheat doesn’t require you to change numbers on other devices, it can potentially work.

#4 Games Detected as Cheats

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There’s one thing I have largely glossed over until now.

I’ve mentioned that you can get in trouble for cheating on video games, but how?

Well, a lot of online games use cheat detection software.

They look for things that don’t quite make sense in the game, and that create flags.

Flagged moments can then be investigated more carefully, and if you’re obviously cheating, the software can find it.

Game Guardian does get picked up by a lot of cheat-detection software.

As a rule, you can assume that Game Guardian cannot hack a game that has detected it as a cheat.

Can Game Guardian Hack Server-Based Games?

Younger brother is watching his older brother's smart phone as the latter plays games on it

I’ve talked about online games, but I haven’t specifically mentioned server-based games.

It’s time to have that talk now.

Online games involve devices that connect via the internet, but there are different ways to connect.

You might directly connect with other players, in which case your phone is running the game.

Your connection with the other players is providing input data for your phone so that it knows what the other players are doing, but the calculations are taking place on your phone.

Server-based games are different.

With a server-based game, the game company has servers that do all of the calculating.

Your phone and the game app are only there to provide a means for you to send and receive data to and from the server.

The server actually runs the game.

These days, most online games are server-based.

If you can play with more than one other person at the same time, there’s a good chance that the game is server-based.

If there is a matchmaking system, you’re probably playing a server-based game.

If there is a persistent world that can change while you’re not playing, it’s a server-based game.

Even Wordle is server based.

Here’s why this matters.

Server-based games usually have value checks that take place whenever your device sends data to the server.

Basically, the game code is making sure that the information coming from your phone actually makes sense.

On top of that, the checks can ensure that your phone’s data is consistent with what is stored on the server.

Because of that, the potential for Game Guardian hacks is severely limited on server-based games.

They’re less vulnerable to code injection in the first place.

Even when that’s not the case, your phone isn’t controlling the game.

It’s just sending data.

All of that said, there are plenty of cases where your phone does send data that is needed by the server in order to run the game for you.

Much of that is in your temporary files, and that’s where the opportunities arise.

You usually can’t make permanent changes on a server-based game, but with enough patience and dedication, you might find ways to impact temporary moments in the game.

As an example, if the game allows you to duel with another player, your hacks might be able to impact things within the duel while it is happening.

It’s limited in scope, but the opportunities still exist.