Game of Thrones Actors: Why Mostly British? (All the Info)

Game of Thrones Actors: Why Mostly British?

Mostly, it’s because the show was filmed and produced in the United Kingdom. Even though the production company is American, the production itself was based in Belfast (which is in Northern Ireland). Hiring British actors was easier and cheaper, and it led authenticity to the story overall.

Aerea Targaryen: What Happened? (Everything to Know)

Aerea Targaryen: What Happened?

Aerea Targaryen died from a mysterious illness that might have involved some kind of weird fire monsters. After disappearing for over a year, she showed up at King’s Landing with a massive fever and creatures moving around inside of her. She was given an ice bath as treatment, but she died in the process.

Jaqen H'Ghar Telling Anya “Finally a Girl Is No One”: Why?

Jaqen H’Ghar Telling Arya “Finally a Girl Is No One”: Why?

He says it because the many-face god has clearly shown Arya favor, regardless of how many rules she has followed or broken. He is giving her the title because, according to her assessment, she has earned it. Whether or not she accepts the role is left somewhat ambiguous in the scene.

Varys Riddle on King, Priest, Rich Man, Sellsword: Answer?

Varys Riddle on King, Priest, Rich Man, Sellsword: Answer?

The riddle does not have a concise answer. Instead, it is intended to prompt a philosophical discussion about the essence of power, what it means, and who does or doesn’t possess it. The riddle allows for argument as to what decision the sellsword will make and why, ultimately exploring the very nature of influence.

Targaryen Coat of Arms' Three-Headed Dragon: Why?

Targaryen Coat of Arms’ Three-Headed Dragon: Why?

Here’s why the Targaryen’s coat of arms depict a three-headed dragon as symbol: There are many things that the coat of arms is referencing, all at the same time. The Targaryens conquered Westeros with the aid of three dragons, each depicted by a head on the coat’s symbol. There were also three Targaryen siblings that led the forces, and they are also represented by the dragon heads. So if you want to learn all about why a three-headed dragon is on the Targaryen’s coat of arms, then this article is for you. Let’s jump right into it! What Is a Targaryen? The fact that you’re even reading this suggests that you might already know what a Targaryen is, but for those who are late to the party, let’s talk about Game of Thrones. It’s one of the most popular TV series of all time, and it’s based on the book series known as A Song of Fire and Ice, written by George R. R. Martin.  Now, there are a few things I need to go over before we can really get into the meat and potatoes of this discussion. First, the Game of Thrones TV series has concluded, but the book series is not done yet. What that means is that there is a major opportunity for spoilers in this discussion. The coat of arms itself isn’t the most pivotal plot point in the storyline, but it ties to important characters and events. So, if you’re not totally caught up on both the TV show and the books, then consider this your official spoiler warning. The second thing we need to talk about is how the books and the TV show differ from each other. While the show started off as a very faithful adaptation, it eventually outpaced the books. Because of that, it had to diverge. Fortunately, that divergence doesn’t apply to the coat of arms itself. When I

Daenerys Loves Drogo: Really? (Everything to Know)

Daenerys Loves Drogo: Really?

Here’s whether Daenerys loves Drogo really: In both the books and the TV show, it seems pretty clear that Daenerys really does love Drogo. At the very least, she seems to love him deeply from her own perspective. She demonstrates this several times in the story, especially after he dies and she willingly walks into his funeral pyre as a show of devotion. So if you want to learn all about whether Dany really loves Drogo from both the books and TV show perspectives, then this article is for you. Let’s dig right in! Does Daenerys Really Love Drogo? (2 Mediums) If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you probably already have your own opinion on this. If you only watched the show a little or casually glanced at the books, you might be less invested. Regardless, it was a cultural phenomenon at one point, so you might be curious. Does Daenerys really love Drogo? I think the answer is yes. But there’s a lot to unpack before I can prove that to you. Spoiler Warning Before I really get into the details, let’s cover the spoiler warning. The explanations below cover details regarding the Game of Thrones storyline. I’ll be explaining both the TV series and the books, so either way, you’re facing spoilers if you aren’t caught up on one of the most popular franchises ever. For the most part, everything I’m going to discuss takes place in A Game of Thrones (the first book in the series) and the first season of the TV show, Game of Thrones. At this point in the story, the TV show closely mirrors the events of the books, but there are some discrepancies. The ultimate point here is that you are facing some serious spoilers, so you have been warned. #1 In the Books Since the books were the source material for the TV show, let’s start with George R.

Game of Thrones Going Downhill: When? (Everything To Know)

Game of Thrones Going Downhill: When?

There are many arguable points about when Game of Thrones started going downhill. The most common claims are that it started going downhill after the third season, after the fifth season, and in the final season. Yet, plenty of people would contest that it never went downhill and ended very strongly.