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Game of Thrones Actors: Why Mostly British?

Game of Thrones Actors: Why Mostly British? (All the Info)

Mostly, it’s because the show was filmed and produced in the United Kingdom. Even though the production company is American, the production itself was based in Belfast (which is in Northern Ireland). Hiring British actors was easier and cheaper, and it led authenticity to the story overall.

Jaqen H’Ghar Telling Arya “Finally a Girl Is No One”: Why?

Jaqen H'Ghar Telling Anya “Finally a Girl Is No One”: Why?

He says it because the many-face god has clearly shown Arya favor, regardless of how many rules she has followed or broken. He is giving her the title because, according to her assessment, she has earned it. Whether or not she accepts the role is left somewhat ambiguous in the scene.

Targaryen Coat of Arms’ Three-Headed Dragon: Why?

Targaryen Coat of Arms' Three-Headed Dragon: Why?

Here’s why the Targaryen’s coat of arms depict a three-headed dragon as symbol: There are many things that the coat of arms is referencing, all at the same time. The Targaryens conquered Westeros with the aid of three dragons, each depicted by a head on the coat’s symbol. There were also three Targaryen siblings that … Read more