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Full Kurama in Naruto: When?

Here’s when Naruto had full Kurama:

At the very end of the original Naruto manga (and the end of Naruto Shippuden), Naruto has all of Kurama’s chakra sealed inside of him.

This state continues into the Boruto storyline, meaning that Naruto has full Kurama for a long time.

But for pretty much all of the original manga, Naruto does not have full Kurama.

So if you want to learn all about the time Naruto had full Kurama, then this article is for you.

Let’s jump right into it!

Full Kurama in Naruto: When? (Everything to Know)

Who Is Naruto?

Answering this question requires me to delve deep into the world of Naruto.

This is not an entry-level question, so I’m going to be referencing characters, special ninja techniques, and bits of less-common knowledge from the Naruto manga and anime.

Let me start by saying that this explanation will contain many spoilers.

In fact, I’ll have to take you through basically the entire plot line of the Naruto manga to answer the question, and there will be spoilers for Boruto first.

So, if you’re not up to date with one of the most popular manga and anime of all time, then maybe you’ll want to sit this one out.

If you’re not worried about spoilers, then let’s start by discussing Naruto.

He’s the protagonist of the series that is named after him.

He’s a ninja, raised as a child to be such, and ultimately the chosen one in his own universe.

His manga run took 15 years to complete, so his story is long and complex.

One of the most important things to know about Naruto is that he is a jinchuriki.

In English, this means that he has one of the legendary tailed beasts sealed inside of him.

I’m going to skip explaining the ninja magic that makes such a thing possible.

Instead, we’ll take it for granted that this all makes sense in Naruto’s world.

Eventually, Naruto becomes the leader of the entire ninja world, and the beast sealed inside of him is a major part of his journey.

Who Is Kurama?

This makes more sense when I explain the tailed beasts.

These are immensely powerful creatures in the Naruto universe that are known to roam the world and sow destruction wherever they are found.

In order to prevent the beasts from wreaking havoc, ninjas figured out how to seal all of their chakra (the source of ninja magic) inside of individual ninjas.

Any time this is done, it creates a jinchuriki, like Naruto.

Naruto happens to have the 9 tailed fox sealed inside of him.

The fox is the most powerful of the tailed beasts, and he is also known as the most hateful and destructive.

For most of the series, letting the fox out of the seal that keeps him in Naruto would spell doom for anyone in the vicinity.

There’s a lot to the tailed beasts, but Kurama, in particular, is a major character in the story.

Even though he is sealed within Naruto, he is able to communicate with Naruto.

He is at times Naruto’s greatest antagonist, begrudging partner, and eventually trusted friend.

What Is Full Kurama?

Even though Kurama is sealed inside of Naruto at the beginning of the story, only half of his chakra is actually inside of Naruto.

When I take you through the full plot points later, I’ll explain how and why this happened.

For now, it’s only important to know the end result.

Naruto has half of Kurama’s chakra.

It is conceivably possible that the other half of Kurama’s chakra could also be sealed inside of Naruto.

If this were to happen, then Naruto would have access to considerably more power as a result.

With all of that covered, we can get back to the original question.

Has Naruto Ever Had Full Kurama? (6 Plot Points)

In a word, yes.

Naruto actually ends up with full Kurama for many years, but it doesn’t happen until after he turns 17, which is the very end of the Naruto manga.

To understand how this happens and what is involved, we actually have to go through the full story of Naruto and Kurama.

Now, the Naruto manga is 700 chapters long.

I’m not going to take you on a blow by blow through that entire thing.

Instead, I’m going to blitz through the handful of most important points.

We’ll see how Kurama was split in the first place and how he was eventually reunited inside of Naruto.

It’s basically the entire tail of the Naruto saga, but I can boil it down into six major plot points.

#1 The 4th Sealing Kurama

The saga of Naruto and Kurama began the day that Naruto was born.

Naruto’s mother, Kushina was a jinchuriki, meaning that all of Kurama was sealed inside of her while she was pregnant with Naruto.

On the day of Naruto’s birth, Obito attacked the village and freed the 9 tails from within Kushina.

The 4th Hokage (Minato) was able to defeat Obito, but the fox was still rampaging across the village.

In order to stop the rampage, Minato knew that he had to seal the fox inside of someone.

The only seal that he knew that was strong enough to complete the task was the shinigami seal.

It’s a seal so powerful that casting it kills the user.

Minato also knew that Kushina would surely die from having the 9 tails removed from her body.

So, in order to leave Naruto with some form of protection, he used the shinigami seal to split the fox into two.

Half of Kurama was sealed inside of Minato, and the other half was sealed inside of Naruto.

From the day he was born, Naruto had half of Kurama and Kurama’s chakra inside of him.

#2 Naruto Taming Kurama

As Naruto moved into adulthood, he became an accomplished ninja.

As the world was thrust into war, Naruto met up with Killer Bee to learn how to be a better jinchuriki.

During this training, Naruto was better able to communicate with Kurama, and this is where things really changed.

Naruto was able to fully befriend Kurama, and after that, the two fought as partners, and Naruto was arguably the strongest ninja in the world at that point (and he grew much stronger after).

At this point, Naruto still only had half of Kurama inside of him, but this moment is important for later developments.

Once Naruto and Kurama became friends, the trajectory was set for Naruto to eventually have full Kurama.

#3 The Return of the 4th

During the fourth great ninja war, Orichamaru is actually able to undo the shinigami seal.

When he does, he can use Edo Tensei to revive the four dead Hokage.

When he does this, Minato is also revived.

Since Minato sealed half of Kurama inside of him, this process also revives that half of Kurama.

The four Hokage join the great war, and for the first time since Naruto was born, Kurama is aware of his other half.

The two halves don’t join each other, but they can communicate.

In a sense, they are united within Minato and Naruto, being so close on the battlefield.

What really matters at this point in the story is that the other half of Kurama is revived, making a full Kurma ending possible.

#4 The Beasts Are Sealed

Things go poorly for the good guys in the war, and ultimately, all of the tailed beasts are sealed.

During the process, Naruto loses his half of Kurama, but Minato is able to transfer his half of Kurama to Naruto.

So, the eight tailed beasts are all sealed along with half of Kurama.

The Infinite Tsukuyomi is enacted, and the entire world is brought under an illusion technique that will last forever.

Only four people escape it: the members of Team 7. 

A lot is happening, and I’m breezing through some major plot points.

What matters most is that sealing all of the tailed beasts is what made the Tsukuyomi possible, and even after that happened, half of Kurama was still inside of Naruto.

Team 7 is able to defeat the true mastermind of all of the evil plotting up until this point, Kaguya.

She’s the final villain.

#5 Kurama Returns to Naruto

After Team 7 defeats Kaguya, it seems like everything is going to be ok.

All of the tailed beasts are freed, and the team has a discussion with the Sage of the Six Paths.

It’s all wrapping up nicely.

Naruto still has half of Kurama in him, and he is able to talk to the other half that is free like the other tailed beast.

The Sage convinces the other half of Kurama to return to Naruto, but before that can happen, Sasuke betrays everyone.

He seals all of the tailed beasts (except for the half of Kurama that is in Naruto) and forces Naruto to fight him.

The winner of the fight will be the Hokage and determine the fate of the world.

At the end of the epic fight, they’re both sorely wounded, but Naruto finally convinces Sasuke to be a good guy, and Naruto wins the fight.

What happens next is entirely off screen, but it’s a reasonable assumption.

Sasuke and Naruto use the tailed beasts to free everyone from the endless Tsukuyomi, and then the beasts are completely freed.

At this point, the other half of Kurama is freed, and he joins his half inside of Naruto.

From that moment on, Naruto has full Kurama.

#6 After Shippuden

Even though the Naruto manga doesn’t clearly show both Kurama halves uniting inside of Naruto, it’s pretty clear in Boruto that this is the case.

Naruto works with Kurama to face enemies, and his power is considerably higher than even when Naruto fought with Sasuke.

Also, when Naruto and Kurama use Baryon mode, all of Kurama dies.

That’s only possible because both halves of Kurama were already united inside of Naruto.

So, for basically all of his adult life, Naruto has full Kurama.