Fake FaceTime Call: How Does It Happen?

FaceTime Call Spoofing: How to? (Everything to Know)

A person can fake a FaceTime call number, and this is often done to get you to answer the call even though they are a stranger. In fact, it’s also possible to spoof or fake the incoming email address in addition to the number. Spoofing a FaceTime call typically requires specialized software, as it’s not simple to do.

FaceTime Poor Connection Issues: How to Fix?

FaceTime Says Poor Connection: Whose Fault? (How to Fix)

FaceTime poor connection could be due to problems on your end, the other user’s end, both ends, or neither end. If neither user is the problem, then the issue more likely resides with Apple servers and services. To find out exactly where the problem lies, it’s best to perform a speed test and a ping test on each device.

Nudity on FaceTime: Safe to Show?

Nudity on FaceTime: Safe to Show? (Don't Do This)

Whether or not you feel safe showing nudity on FaceTime is a matter of opinion. The app itself is largely considered a safe and secure way to participate in video communication. Despite that, things can go wrong, and a lot of them are tied to the person you call more than how Apple manages FaceTime security.

FaceTime: Calls Automatically End?

Facetime: Calls Automatically End? (8 Reasons)

Here’s everything about FaceTime calls ending automatically after a certain time: The short answer is no. FaceTime is designed to support indefinite call times, and countless users have reported maintaining calls for many hours at a time.  There are a large number of ways a call can end, including when the screen goes dark, but … Read more

Charging iPhone, iPad, or MacBook While FaceTime: Bad?

Charging iPhone, iPad, or MacBook While FaceTime? (Bad?)

Here’s whether using FaceTime and charging your Apple device (iPhone, iPad, or MacBook) at the same time is bad: FaceTime is notoriously power-hungry, and it drains the battery on an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook extremely quickly. Additionally, continuous use of the program accelerates the overall deterioration of the battery as well. So if you want … Read more