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Dragon Ball Z: Why 7 Dragon Balls?

Dragon Ball Z: Why 7 Dragon Balls? (Everything to Know)

There are seven dragon balls in the show because that is the number that the original author, Akira Toriyama, chose. In an interview, he said it was to distinguish his show from a popular Japanese story that also had dragon balls. Some fans also speculate that the number references real-life adventure destinations.

Frieza vs. Hit: Winner?

Frieza vs. Hit: Winner? (Everything to Know)

Here’s who would win in a fight between Frieza and Hit: It really depends on when they fight. Hit would easily destroy the original form of Frieza that is shown in Dragon Ball Z. Golden Frieza vs Hit would be a very close fight that favors Hit but is still winnable by Frieza. Black Frieza … Read more

Cell Got Frieza’s DNA: How?

Cell Got Frieza’s DNA: How? (Everything to Know)

Here’s how Cell got Frieza’s DNA: Dr. Gero collected Frieza’s DNA when Frieza came to Earth after his defeat on Namek. This is never clearly shown, but Dr. Gero’s mosquito bots are able to take DNA from many characters without being noticed, and it’s safe to assume that this happened with Frieza too. Still, it … Read more