Deleted Discord Messages: Really Gone?

Deleted Discord Messages: Gone From Servers? (All the Info)

When you delete a Discord message, it will be removed from all servers and connected devices, essentially scrubbing it from the platform. It may remain on Discord backend servers for up to several years. Accounts are deleted after 15 to 30 days upon request, but deleting an account doesn’t delete its messages.

Discord Friends Seeing About You: What Exactly?

Discord Friends Seeing About You: What Exactly? (Do This)

Friends can see a lot of things about you on Discord, including your profile, messages you send, the game you are currently playing, and more. Discord encourages community and collaboration, and these features can help with that. But, you can also curate what friends see and control your privacy as you see fit.

Discord Data Usage: How Much?

How Much Data Does Discord Use?

Here’s how much data Discord uses: On your desktop or PC, Discord will use more data than on your phone. If you want to learn all about how much data Discord uses and how to reduce the usage, then this article is for you. Let’s jump right in! How Much Data Does Discord Use?  Discord … Read more