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Defeating Abeloth in Star Wars: Who?

Here’s everything about who can defeat Abeloth in Star Wars:

Star Wars has incredibly powerful, god-like characters that could definitely defeat Abeloth.

These include the Celestials, the Bellam Spirits, the Supreme Maker, and the Father of Shadows.

Beyond these characters, a coalition of weaker characters has proven able to defeat her and thwart her plans.

So if you want to learn all about which beings and characters in Star Wars can beat Abeloth, then this article is for you.

Let’s jump right into it!

Defeating Abeloth in Star Wars: Who? (Everything to Know)

Who Is Abeloth?

Abeloth is a being of chaos and dark side power in the Star Wars universe.

Her story is a bit complicated.

Originally, she was a woman and a mortal servant of the Ones.

Naturally, we have to talk about the Ones for this to make sense.

The Ones are extremely powerful force wielders who are older than time itself.

Force wielders (not to be confused with people who can use the force) are god-like creatures in the Star Wars universe.

These are the ones who actually control and dictate the force and how it works.

Among force wielders are creatures known as Celestials, who are said to have shaped much of the galaxy.

The Ones are three specific Celestials who took charge of balancing the force between light and dark.

The three of them were Father, Daughter, and Son.

Daughter was the representation of the light side while Son represented the dark side.

Father ensured that they existed in balance.

Abeloth served these three, and at the time, she was known as Mother.

She tried to keep the peace between the Ones.

But because she was mortal, she saw that her death was impending, and she worried about what would happen to the family after her death.

Seeking immortality, she drank from the Font of Power and bathed in the Pool of Knowledge.

These actions gave her immortality and incredible powers, but they also corrupted her in the process.

From that moment, she became Abeloth, immortal master of all that is the dark side.

While she did not achieve the same status as the Celestials, she did become a being more powerful than any mortal, and she had complete control over all dark aspects of the force.

Which Star Wars Are We Talking About?

Needless to say, Abeloth became something of a villain. 

Now, if we’re going to discuss Star Wars, there’s a lot of content available.

You have the movies, the Clone Wars cartoon series, and the many, many books written.

That leaves things like Legends, the Expanded Universe, and even more.

Abeloth primarily shows up in the Legends content.

Legends is just a way to refer to all of the Star Wars stuff that was created by anyone other than George Lucas and before the formation of the Expanded Universe in April of 2014.

It’s a way to separate older expanded content from the newer expanded content.

With that in mind, the best way to come up with adversaries for Abeloth is to limit our available content similarly.

I’m going to include everyone from Star Wars canon (which is everything created directly by George Lucas and/or Disney), and I’m going to include Star Wars Legends.

That gives us a lot of content, and there are still a handful of worthy opponents for Abeloth.

Who Can Defeat Abeloth in Star Wars? (6 Characters)

Ok. We know who Abeloth is, and we have some limitations in place for what content is being considered.

With all of that established, let’s really get into it.

Who can beat Abeloth?

#1 Celestials

We have to start with the Celestials.

These are omnipotent, immortal beings in Star Wars.

They have absolute control over the force.

Even with all of her powers, Abeloth would not be able to stand up to the Celestials.

In some stories, she is strong enough to fight against Daughter and Son, but she is never able to overpower Father (except arguably when he is nearing the end of his existence).

That is because Father is the true Celestial in the group, with Daughter and Son being near-Celestial entities born of his creation.

The Ones are not the only Celestials, though.

They are an entire race of beings, and it’s easy to say that any full Celestial would be able to handle Abeloth.

They more than match her control of the dark side of the force, and they have equal command over the light side as well.

It’s just too much for her.

#2 Supreme Maker

If the Celestials can take down Abeloth, then the Supreme Maker definitely can.

This character exceeds just about anything else in Star Wars.

Known as the Father of Lights, the Supreme Maker created the force itself.

There’s no way that a mere practitioner of using the force could match its creator.

If that’s not compelling enough, the Supreme Maker also created the Celestials.

The Supreme Maker can be thought of as the ultimate supreme deity in the Star Wars universe, and it is a being that exceeds everything else known.

As such, the Supreme Maker very likely would not interfere with Abeloth, but if such a conflict were to arise, the Supreme Maker would have absolutely no trouble at all with her.

Some like to contend that the Supreme Maker is George Lucas himself.

As the original author of Star Wars, he could easily defeat Abeloth, or anyone else in the Star Wars universe, with the stroke of a pen.

#3 Father of Shadows

The Father of Shadows has less content to really flesh it out as a character.

We know that it is worshiped by the Five.

To get into that a little, the Five is a five-person cult that exists outside of dimensional reality.

This makes them incredibly powerful and ageless, and they amuse themselves by torturing sentient beings that they capture at the edge of the galaxy.

Despite their power, they are not immortal and are eventually slain by their captors.

But, the Father of Shadows is what the Five worship (among evil deities by other names).

Supposedly, the Father of Shadows is the master of all of evil, arguably even the creator of evil itself.

Based on descriptions of the Father of Shadows, it would be fair to say that Abeloth derives her abilities ultimately from the Father of Shadows. As such, it would likely be able to make short work of her.

#4 Bedlam Spirits

The Bedlam Spirits are arguably more powerful even than the Celestials.

While the Celestials had complete control over the force, the Bedlam Spirits were able to manipulate time and mass without relying on the force.

They had power until themselves, and that’s worth mentioning.

Mastery of the force does not give one powers over the Bedlam Spirits.

They are primarily mischievous beings, but with their raw power, they can more or less reshape reality as they see fit.

It’s hard to imagine what a fight between the Bedlam Spirits and Abeloth would look like, but their unique and incredible powers would probably be too much for her.

After all, they could simply suspend her in time and never worry about her again.

#5 Anakin Skywalker

This one is a little weird.

As we see him in the movies and Clone Wars cartoons, Anakin absolutely could not take on Abeloth by himself.

There’s no way.

But, there’s more to Anakin than we ever saw.

As fans of Star Wars know, Anakin is the Chosen One who is prophesied to bring balance to the force.

As such, he is given potential far beyond what he ever actually realizes.

After all, even Emperor Palpatine thought that Anakin would be the true ruler of the galaxy.

When Anakin loses his fight against Obi-Wan Kenobi and becomes mostly machine, much of his potential is forever lost.

Despite all of that, we have some idea as to Anakin’s true potential because of his run in with Father.

You might remember that Father is in charge of maintaining the balance of the force.

When he found out that Anakin might be the Chosen One, he arranged to meet with the young Jedi.

Father subjected Anakin to a test, and when Anakin passed that test, Father was convinced that he in fact was the Chosen One.

As the Chosen One, Anakin had the potential to take over Father’s job maintaining the balance of the force.

That means that a full-potential Anakin was a force wielder rather than someone who is force sensitive, and at his full potential, Anakin would be as powerful as a Celestial.

Ultimately, things didn’t work out this way.

Son managed to carry out a bit of trickery that tipped the balance of the force toward the dark side, and as a result, Anakin did not join the Ones and never reached his full potential.

But if he had, he probably would have been more than a match for Abeloth.

#6 A Coalition of Force Users

Last on the list is the weakest entry.

No one I’m about to name could truly defeat Abeloth.

It’s a bit complicated, but Abeloth is so powerful that she can create avatars for herself, and some of those avatars have been defeated by characters across the Star Wars series.

Most notably is a coalition of heroes and villains that include Luke Skywalker, Darth Krayt, Jaina Solo, and Ben Skywalker (let’s note that Ben Skywalker is a Legends character who does not exist in the main movies). 

In a confrontation with Abeloth, this group of characters is able to defeat a few of her avatars and thwart her plans.

In that sense, they actually do defeat her.

More than that, Luke and Krayt fight her force essence in a special realm that exists beyond physical reality.

By defeating her essence there, they do more than just stop her avatars.

It’s as total a defeat as she ever receives in Legends.

But, even after that battle, it is assumed that she isn’t dead (she is immortal after all), and plans were made for her return.

The Legends universe was killed by the creation of the Expanded Universe before that ever happened, but the assumption is that she would have returned without the changes to Star Wars that came when Disney purchased the copyright.

All of this is to say that a powerful coalition of characters can at least thwart her, even if they can’t outright defeat her forever.