L and Light: Loving Each Other? (All the Info)

L & Light: Loving Each Other?

Here’s everything about L loving Light and vice versa: It’s unlikely that Light ever loved L or was even capable of loving another person. L clearly thought of Light as a valued friend and probably did love him in at least some way. As for a romantic relationship, such a thing is never explicitly stated in the original manga and is unlikely considering Light’s character. So if you want to learn all about L and Light love each other, then this is the article for you. Let’s jump right into it! Spoiler Warning for Death Note This is a very interesting question, and it’s worthy of deep discussion, but in order to have such a discussion, we have to get deep into the plot points of Death Note. If you have never read or watched any version of Death Note, then I need to warn you. There are massive spoilers ahead. I’m going to be discussing the most crucial plot points in the original manga and anime. If you want to avoid any spoilers, you need to stop right here. That’s the only spoiler warning you’re going to get. Who Is Light in Death Note? Now that you have been sufficiently warned of impending spoilers for a story that finished in 2006, let’s talk about some of the things you need to understand. If you’re already intimately familiar with the series, you can jump down a couple of sections to see the discussion on whether or not L and Light loved each other. If you’re not an expert, then we need to start with a recap of who Light is and what he’s all about. Light is the main character of the story. Arguably, you can call him the protagonist, but he’s also clearly a villain in his own world. Light was in high school when he came across the Death Note, a supernatural book that will kill anyone whose