150 DPI vs. 300 DPI vs. 600 DPI vs. 1200 DPI

150 Vs. 300 Vs. 600 Vs 1200: DPI Differences? (All the Info)

DPI is a common measurement for printers, scanners, and computer mice. In the world of printers and scanners, higher DPI correlates with better image quality, and printers and scanners usually range between 300 and 4800 DPI. With a mouse, a higher DPI increases sensitivity, and mice range from 100 to 18,000 DPI.

1366×768 vs. 1920×1080: Better Resolution?

1366x768 vs. 1920x1080: Better Resolution? (All the Info)

Here are the differences between a 1366×768 pixels resolution and a 1920×1080 pixels resolution and which is better: 1920×1080 is usually better because it’s a higher resolution and provides better image clarity. There are reasons to choose a lower resolution, such as to save computational power.  Many displays can adjust the screen resolution below their … Read more

1600×900: Good Resolution for Laptop or Desktop?

1600x900: Good Resolution for Laptop or Desktop? (All the Info)

Here’s everything about the 1600×900 resolution: You’ll learn: What a screen resolution is Whether 1600×900 is right for you Whether 1600×900 is good for gaming The difference between a 1600×900 and a 1920×1080 resolution Lots more So if you want to know whether 1600×900 is a good resolution for your screen, then you’re in the right … Read more