PSU Too Weak: What Happens? (Everything to Know)

PSU Too Weak: What Happens?

Here’s what happens if your PC’s PSU (Power Supply Unit) is too weak. The PSU is the heart of your PC ’cause it’s what keeps it going. So if you want to know what happens if your PSU is too weak, then you are in the right place. Let’s jump right in! Is Your PSU too Weak? A PC without a power supply unit (PSU) is just an expensive heap of fancy hardware and circuitry. While other parts of your PC are the skeleton, the brains, and the brawn, the PSU is the heart because it brings the whole unit to life.  In order to make sure that your PC is operating at its peak, you will need a good quality PSU. You can run into a host of problems if your PSU is low quality or too weak, including damaging or destroying your PC’s other more expensive components.  This might surprise you, but in the worst-case scenario, an overtaxed PSU can cause fire and put your life in danger. Surely, you want to avoid that!  Read on to find out how to tell if your current PSU is too weak and how to pick the right PSU for your PC.   How Does a PSU Work? A PSU powers your PC by converting energy from the electricity grid (AC power) to direct current energy (DC power) to power the components inside of your PC.  AC power runs in multiple directions and can vary in magnitude, while DC power travels in a single direction at a constant volume. DC power allows your PC to operate stably and consistently.  PSUs are built into some home PCs and can also be purchased separately if you are looking to upgrade your current machine or build your own unit.  PSUs are sold in a variety of wattage options. Your power supply needs will vary depending on the type of PC you have and how you